How to start a business like Netflix

There cannot be two thoughts about Netflix. Netflix is an out and out entertainment website. It is a subscription based video on demand website stuck in the present ethos of entertainment industry, providing an ocean of video content ranging from popular soap operas to high octane Hollywood movies. For an average American, Netflix has always been the happy hunting go-to destination. Interestingly, what few people know about Netflix is that it occupies as much as 61% of the entire video streaming website market. Mathematically speaking, to consume all the content of Netflix, one human life is not sufficient. A sub branching of this proposition is the insane amount of money that Netflix made in third quarter of 2016- $2158 million. Other major players in this industry are Hulu, Dailymotion, Crackle etc.

There seems to be a lot of untapped potential in video on demand (VOD) market. To start a website like Netflix, you require superior expertise in technologies such as Amazon S2 and S3 cloud storage. Apart from this, you need to be well versed with the RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) streaming and Wowza media engine. Moreover, the framework for video on demand websites should not be restricted to just PCs. Video on demand websites should be accessible on smart phones and devices of various resolutions and sizes.

While writing code for video on demand websites, you need to take the following four aspects into consideration:

  1. Encoding
  2. Decoding
  3. Transmission
  4. Streaming

Netflix isn’t Netflix for nothing. To maintain such websites, you require highly robust cloud hosting services. For video on demand websites of such magnitude, software licenses do not come easy. More often than not, they are priced at exorbitant amounts.  Is that all? Ownership rights acquisition and security are important features. To your mathematical brain pockets, here is a budget estimation (all the numbers are ballpark):

Software Development- $400k

Cloud Hosting – $300k

Software Licenses- $200k

Content Ownership Rights- $100k

This amounts to $1000k. Can you afford Hundreds of thousands and anything above that? Such colossal figures must have torpedoed and ripped apart your dreams of owning an on-demand video solution. Is this the dead end? No!

Barring a few super rich deep pocketed firms, building websites like Netflix is out of common man’s league. This is where Streamhash (Stream #) comes into picture. It is a simple and absolutely affordable readymade Netflix Clone Script that is highly customizable. Streamhash takes care of your content diversification and ownership. Any issues associated with multiple device compatibility are also addressed. Moreover, Streamhash comes with many value added features and promises uncompromising video experience.

Video Distribution

Video distribution module ensures delivery of your video content to all your target audiences. Your target audiences may be present in every nook and corner of the world. The location of your target audiences is immaterial. Thanks to the presence of high performing nodes of robust and full functional Content Delivery Network (CDN), the important task of maximizing content visibility is taken care of. The CDN of Streamhash has a broad reach.

Video Syndication

The very purpose of maintaining a video on demand site is to make BIG money. Revenue generation is accomplished by syndicating your content across all the channels. Moreover, this module of Streamhash helps you foster relationships with content publishers. Apart from this, there are enough provisions in this module to control own live streaming systems without much dependence on third party service providers.

Video Monetization

Withstanding the choppy waters of powerful players like Netflix, Hulu and Bing Videos requires the exceptional ability of cashing in every possible opportunity.  This module helps you capitalize every video monetization avenue such as:

  • Advertising – Banner ads, in-display and in-stream ads
  • Pay Per View
  • Subscriptions- Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions
  • Premium purchases

There is a built-in revenue graph which just gets better and better when your content quality and visibility go in tandem.

Video Analytics

This module clearly portrays information on the type of content which maximizes revenue, type of most preferred content, geographical location from which maximum revenue is being earned, content-wise viewership etc. It gives you insights on regions to be targeted to improve traffic and page views. This module also throws light on number of times a particular ad has been clicked, number of ad views, average view duration, average view rate from a particular region etc.

Video Discovery

Certain types of videos attract more than enough eyeballs. This can be attributed to the presence of either gripping content or controversial content or an admixture of both. This module identifies the viewing patterns and preferences of viewers and gives them suggestions. By tracking the browsing preferences of viewers, this module extends the video reach of your business. This module is powered by state of the art and highly advanced keyword search system which is capable of retrieving the latest and most relevant videos. In other words, this module facilitates video engagement with all your target viewers.

API Access

API stands for Application Programming Interface. To put in simple terms, an API acts as an interface between the live video streaming service and viewers. API contains code. It is generally wrapped and stored in classified files and libraries. If a tech savvy user intends to tweak the code, access to code is granted. Otherwise, it is best suggested not to expose the source code to naïve audiences. API lets your audience create dedicated mobile applications to access your live streaming services. If anything, API facilitates live streaming access on various device dependent applications.

API is closely related to the video engine. Video Engine is the backend module that drives and processes live streaming. It is this video engine which is responsible for initiating streams on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. It is also responsible for managing the bit rate. For viewers with slow internet connection, video engine comes as a boon. It auto adjusts the bit rate and maintains the resolution of the videos.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Content piracy has set the moot for content ownership. More often than not, data gets forged and hacked. In most of the video streaming scripts available in the market, layers of security are peeled away whenever a hacker intensifies his cyber-attack. Streamhash is an exception. It withstands cyber-thefts and lets the business owner of the live video streaming script limit the access to users based on parameters such as date, IP, domain and location.

Scalable architecture

In the initial stages of your business, you may not get enough traffic. As time progresses, traffic is bound to increase. Your live streaming website is designed at the very core to handle intense traffic. This can be attributed to the scalable architecture of Streamhash.

All the aforementioned features are prepped with other superlative features such as:

  • Built-in payment gateways such as Pay Pal
  • SEO Optimized analytics dashboard
  • Installation guides and knowledge base
  • Free lifetime product upgrades
  • Multiple themes such as Netflix theme, YouTube and Adult tube theme
  • Robust and feature-rich video player

The biggest fad is live streaming. Put an end to your bitter divorce between your budget and video streaming business dreams. Purchase Streamhash today and start monetizing. In case of any questions, drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall answer them without much delay. Best wishes for your business. Cheers!