Vlogging is very popular for young generation recently on the internet. It is like blogging in which it has different topics such as beauty, travel, daily life, lifestyle, and many more. Vlog is basically telling through the video use. The vloggers usually act to be a cameraman to record video and then uploaded to the Youtube. There are some things to do in order to find the best video camera on Youtube. It can be a reference in buying a vlog or video camera for Youtube.

Selecting The Right Camera

The vlog content on Youtube is growing rapidly. The more competitive competition is getting popular and the fewer changes make it be famous for all people. There are some promotion steps to get the best video camera for being uploaded on Youtube. The first one is selecting a DSLR camera. It is a camera type with a medium weight and fair dimension. DSLR camera still offers some benefits and plus points starting easy to change lens and used for photography purposes.

The next type of the best video camera for Youtube is Action Cam. It is a small and simple camera for traveling. It offers a wide view feature. It is appropriate for travelling vloggers or motovloggers because the camera can be saved in extreme places. Another choice of the best camera is a pocket camera aimed at a simple photography. It is more appropriate for a camera requiring few display looks. For Youtube and Vlogging, there are many good pocket cameras. Mirrorless is a simple camera type with a small body. Of course, the lens can be changed anytime you love. Mirror less deserves to consider for vlogging purposes.

Considering Image Stabilization

The next consideration is about its specification. Image stabilization is fairly important to select the best camera for YouTube. By considering Image Stabilization, it is reducing blur on the camera due to shaking hands or body movements. Of course, these features are important and must be embedded in a camera in recording videos especially cameras with zoom optical lens.

Embedding Format Media

If you take images on the digital cameras, you only use a single file format of JPEG. It is different from video cameras having different file formats. How do you know the importance of this file format? To know a video file format, it is enough to do editing easily when you see it in the desktop. There are many available formats such as MPEG, MPEG -4, and AVCHD.

Having Good Bit Rates

A digital camcorder is able to change moving pictures to be digital and video data. The video data is named to bite and saved to the media like memory. A number of recorded and saved data every second are called to be bit rate. It is used to define the managed data amount in a particular time range. It depends on its context in which the general measurement of bit rates usually takes a term of a kilobyte per second or megabyte per second. The higher bit rates data recorded will have a better a video quality.