If you work with or around heavy machinery, then you know the intense vibrations that come from the machine during operation. This vibration creates noise and a host of other problems that can be solved using anti vibration mounts. Before going into the details of what these precision engineered parts do, it is worth exploring what they are in the first place.

What is an Anti-Vibration Mount?

An anti-vibration mount is exactly what it sounds like; it is an after-market component that is installed in a piece of machinery to absorb and deflect vibration. The result is less vibration which in turn means less noise.

Anti-vibration mounts are made from a variety of components including sheet metal, nuts, bolts and rubber. These mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are available for virtually any kind of machinery conceivable. The first priority is to match the type of anti-vibration mount to the specific kind of machinery to get the best result. These mounts are used in a wide range of applications including heat pumps, car engines, air conditioning units and industrial machinery.

Why Use Anti-Vibration Mounts?

One of the most obvious advantages of using anti-vibration mounts is noise reduction. The machine vibration causes various metal parts to clank together, rub against each other and generally produce high noise levels. Working around noisy machines can lead to ear problems, headaches and other minor and major health issues.

The noise pollution isn’t the only problem caused by a piece of machinery vibrating. The vibration causes parts to come loose and unnecessary wear and tear over time, thus shortening the overall lifespan of the equipment. An anti-vibration mount is a pre-emptive measure that can significantly increase the lifespan of your machinery or equipment.

Anti-vibration mounts aren’t only useful for large machinery. People working with hand-held machines such as power drills and chainsaws often suffer from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. This medical condition is caused by long-term exposure to vibration which damages the nerves and leads to various symptoms including numbness, tingling feeling in the finger(s) and white fingers.

These mounts also protect against a wide variety of vibrations including;

  • Low frequency vibrations (such as electronics, meteorology machines and other sensitive machines)
  • High frequency vibrations (from generators, pumps, HVAC units and general industrial machinery)
  • Torsional and centrifugal vibrations
  • Vertical and horizontal vibrations

Using Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti-vibration mounts are designed to be installed easily and quickly. These mounts are also very resilient and have a high load deflection capability.

Look for size, deflection characteristics and load bearing capacity when looking for an anti-vibration mount. These are the major factors that determine which one will be most useful and effective for your specific application.

You can expect that the mount will begin to experience wear and tear over time. This is because of the constant vibrations that the equipment is responsible for managing. You will eventually have to replace the mount but the duration depends on the quality and type you installed in the first place. It is necessary to perform regular inspections to ensure that the device is performing at its peak.


Anti-vibration mounts help to reduce noise pollution but they do a lot more than that. The equipment prolongs the life of your machinery and protects you and your staff from health issues caused by equipment noise and vibrations.