We all want to pursue our dream career. When you work in a job you love, you can stay passionate about it for long. But identifying an ideal career is not like a relaxing walk in the park. Pursuing your dream career requires commitment, passion, persistence, and hard work. Self-made entrepreneurs and CEOs reveal certain tried-and-true tactics that you can apply in finding your dream career in any industry you prefer. Here is a checklist to get you started with the search for your dream job:

1) Know your purpose and identify your talent – Identifying your talents and purpose may take some time and efforts but once you get an indication about what you are good at, you can strategically connect it to your job. Take the assistance of your co-workers in identifying the unique approach you apply to a specific work or task at hand. You may be a leader or a branding person. Ask your peers about the specific approach you take to build a brand. Once you know how you approach a situation find some time to analyze and contemplate the core challenges that you have been facing through your entire life. Focus on the pivotal moment or specific feedback that stayed with you in your mind. Analyze if there was some similarity or theme of the challenges or grappling moments. Once you identify your greatest challenge, you may relate to it as a cornerstone of your purpose. You may find a career fulfillment in helping people or an organization overcome similar challenges.

This simple introspection can help you in understanding yourself better, connecting with your talent and purpose as well as clarifying your career objectives. Even after a long contemplation if you cannot connect the dots then it may be the right time to consider shifting gears. With a brief critical thinking and linking important factors in your life, you can eventually boost your motivation to find a fulfilling career.

2) Commit to finding your ideal job – No one can achieve an audacious goal without honest commitment. Once you know your goal, make a commitment to achieve it no matter what. Start by understanding what inputs are required to get started with your dream career. It can be a new coaching session, a short-term course or some part-time training. Prepare yourself well and work to strengthen your skill set.

3) Be realistic about the basic financial needs – Every career needs some financial input as you get started. Whether it is in the form of some business investment or remuneration provided for training sessions. Before you commence with your dream job, it is important to identify the amount of money you may need to support your anticipated lifestyle and the type of job that can accomplish the same. You may not reach that mark in one day but ensure that your basic expenses are subsumed and there is room for further growth. Vehemence and passion are important nonetheless you cannot pursue a dream job that cannot pay your bills.

4) Give yourself frequent reality checks – Would you ever like to pursue your dream job for free? Is your dream job fun and energizing? If the answer to both the questions is a yes, then you are probably on the right track. If your day-to-day professional life does not energize you frequently, you may find it difficult to stay committed thereby blocking yourself from pursuing your dream job.

5) Have patience – You cannot become successful overnight. Stay patient and put in your best foot forward every day.  After numerous trial and error, you may find the right mix leading to quick wins and a positive trajectory. Success takes its own pace which is different for every other person. Focus on your small wins, follow your trajectory, and always put in your best efforts. Success will follow you in no time.

Once you have chosen your trajectory, prepare yourself well, and find your dream job. You can also take the assistance of recruitment firms. It does make sense to find recruiters who will help you find your dream job. They certainly have a lot of experience in finding a perfect job that matches your aspirations.