Offices in large and small companies are known to be solemn places. This type of working atmosphere was once considered very conducive to business. It is a well-known fact that physical spaces affect personal behaviors. While this is true of almost all private areas, then it stands to reason that it should not be any different in terms of workspaces. There has been a lot of research done on the subject of employee happiness and workplace design.

Redesigning a new workplace structure or moving some things around should not be a very costly task. In fact, with all the means and resources available today. Redecorating, renovating, and even redesigning the office space has become a cost-friendly task. It is possible to work on a budget and help improve the working conditions, décor, and moods of the employees at work.

Let us look at how you can modernize your workspace on a budget.

Corporate Art:

Corporate Art is known to be representative of the beliefs and values of the company. However, representative art need not be boring or outdated.

You could consider installing art forms like sculptures, storyboards, illustrations, pictures, and message boards that are pleasing to the eye and yet stick to the vision and mission of the company.

The rebranding, reframing, and repainting of older art structures and paintings can be looked into and refreshed for the future without compromising the values or beliefs of the company and its founding members. You could opt for glass landscapes, Wall paintings, abstract colors, vintage prints, canvas paintings, metal artifacts, floral prints, and so on. Doing this will help lighten the office space, make it bright, and allow the Corporate Art to look more dynamic.

Pantry and Kitchen:

Most employees enjoy taking their lunch breaks and meals with each other. Not only does this build a feeling of camaraderie, but it also improves employee relations and problem-solving abilities. As is the case with many companies, there is usually a kitchen area, cafeteria, or pantry where seating, cushions, basins, and so on have been provided.

Instead of keeping this area drab with a few paintings and wall art, you could use Perspex splashbacks around the entire kitchen and pantry area. Coffee machine spaces around the office building and small lounges and meeting rooms could also benefit from the splashes of color. Dynamic and bright colors are known motivators and can easily lift the spirits of any room with a little lighting.

Vibrant fabrics:

Let us not ignore the importance of upholstery in waiting areas, couches, sofas, and chairs in meeting rooms and at desks. Replace plain and worn out fabrics with some vibrant shades of either multicolor or single tones to offset the walls in your office. Employees instantly feel happier, become more productive, and are willing to spend more time at their workstations. Freshening the office space helps to refresh the mindsets of the employees at regular intervals.

You could also add some vibrant throw rugs to specific areas of the office, like meeting rooms and corner areas of the spaces. Adding bright curtains will also help diffuse the harsh sunlight and add a pop of color to the desks of your employees. Refreshing the rugs and curtains once every quarter or rotating them to different parts of the office space will also keep things looking new and fresh for long periods.

Indoor plants:

It is very evident that office spaces are devoid of natural beauty. You could change this up by adding potted indoor plants throughout the office space. Adding indoor plants keep the air clean and gives the stark office space a healthy dose of Mother Nature. Live plants always add to the natural beauty of any area and will help liven up the office atmosphere without causing a hole in the annual budget.

You could also add a small potted plant on each employee desk, some flowering blooms in the reception area, overhanging plants in the office balcony, meeting rooms, and so on. Some plants that you could consider are Snake plant, Spider plant, Aloe, Pothos, Chinese Evergreen, Jade, African Violet, Azalea, and Cacti. Rotating the plants will ensure each plant gets enough sunlight and a new space.

Air freshener:

It is surprising what a new air freshener can do to the mood of employees at the office. Changing the air freshener in the office and in the washrooms can also make a huge difference. Adding some incense sticks or burners around the kitchen and pantry will also help change the smell of food and washing detergent in the pantry areas and keep it bright.