All entrepreneurs want to grow their businesses in a healthy and sustainable fashion. This is where technology comes to their help. Late innovations allow business persons to boost and optimise their capabilities, while increasing their profit margins to new levels. Signing contracts, making appointments and managing databases is significantly easier in today’s world, thanks to late tech innovations. Below we will teach you how can you make your life as an entrepreneur easier with some smart tools and apps.

Use a smart sale automation tool

There are plenty of great examples of such systems, and all seem to have a thing in common: telephone and email sales and marketing capabilities. In the case of one of the most acclaimed software system of this kind, the telephone automation tool makes all phone calls seem like they are made locally, while the entire process is dealt with in an automated manner. These tools are incredibly handy for those companies with an increased volume of phone calls to make, as these allow to input a list of phone numbers which you want to cold-call.

In terms of email sales features, these tools allow tracking, template sharing between the employees of the sales department, and allow an easy management of the email addresses between departments. You can plan and schedule your email sales campaigns quite easily, with such products. The relationship between the sales and marketing department becomes a more fluent, coordinated one when such tools are available, and the entrepreneur has a detailed report at the end of each month.

Use a digital signature tool

How to make your life as an entrepreneur easier

Entrepreneurs already know that signing documents and papers in an old-fashioned way is no longer viable in today’s day and time. For this purpose, there have been developed a variety of apps and tools tackling the matter of how we sign papers online and offline, equally. Some of the most popular tools of this kind allow electronic signatures across mobile and desktop devices, and clients can pick and choose from a variety of pricing systems, that meet the very specific demands of each business out there. Given the fact that in the case of some businesses both employees and owners have to sign even thousands of contracts and papers daily, e-signature tools can decrease the necessary time and resources necessary for this boring, time-consuming and trivial aspect of managing a business.

Use a database backup tool

Use an open source cloud-based backup software solution for servers if you constantly worry about the safety of your databases, papers and documents. The MongoDB backup tool is notorious for being easy to use and versatile, and incredibly secure at the same time, being one of the most reliable NoSQL database engines out there. This smart tool automatically backs up your databases or your files, and while many overlook the importance of frequent backup, unfortunate events might appear. Tools that are developed to send your backup files to remote storage are also great, and this is why you should look into those as well, for a better, smoother user experience.

Use scheduling and tracking extensions

How to make your life as an entrepreneur easier

Most likely, you are using Gmail or Google Inbox at the office. In this case, you most probably need an extension that allows easy scheduling, email template creation and tracking features, but also allows you to schedule all emails that you need to send to a later date. Some extensions even offer CRM integration, which makes them even more amazing and useful, when it comes to gathering useful customer information that can be used at a later date for sales and marketing purposes.

Use a payroll tool

If your company is fairly small, you most certainly lack a dedicated department to tackle the payroll and taxes part. In this case, using a payroll tool seems to be an incredible idea that will help you make sure that all your employees receive their salaries on time, and that all the taxes are perfectly calculated. The capabilities some of these systems have gone beyond this, allowing all your employees have a closer look at their bonuses, OT hours, and you don’t even have to make the slightest effort in the process.

Surveys and Forms tools

All businesses benefit immensely from their client’s feedback and suggestions. There are available on the market a variety of tools and systems that allow easy form and survey creation. With an impressive number of templates, these smart tools will help you get a better idea on what your costumers search in their experience with your company, as well as how they perceive your company’s products, services and developments. With a few clicks, you can include as many fields as you need, and personalize these surveys to the maximum. Depending on your business needs, you can choose from a variety of paid and free products, as this market segment is quite of a generous one.

Website performance tools

Google Analytics may be one of the most notorious resources when it comes to website performance tracking and reporting. As more and more businesses rely entirely on their websites when it comes to carrying business, it’s always a great idea to have a closer look at your website’s traffic and conversion rates, as well as your audience and segmentation. Understand why people visit your website and learn how effective your ad campaigns are. This will most certainly increase your company’s profit margins in an easy and effective fashion. Used properly, this system has the potential to unlock valuable data, such as sales and conversion rates, and will allow you to learn how various pages on your website work in or against your company’s good.

The smart tools presented above have an immense potential if you want to make your life as an entrepreneur easier, but also if you want to increase your company’s profitability. By decreasing the time spent with trivial administrative matters, these will allow you to concentrate more on what truly matters for your company’s activity.