Perhaps it’s your first email marketing campaign and you’re having trouble deciding what email marketing templates will give you the most ROI. Or you’re designing a website that you want your visitors to stay on and engage with. This guide has you covered. Here are some tips to help get you started!


While the appearance of the template is important, you have to make it digestible for your readers viewing your content. Most readers aren’t looking at your site to notice its great design, but they are there to find some information or complete a course to action.

Adding design elements that are unnecessary to your template will only make it hard for your visitors to accomplish their intended goal. From a UX and usability perspective, simplicity is the best option when making your email marketing templates. Here are some tips you should follow:

  • Colors: Your colors should complement each other and are used to display the content you’re giving to your reader. We suggest that you use a maximum of five colors on your template.
  • Graphics: Only use graphics if they will help your readers perform a function or complete a call to action (Don’t just use them for the sake of using them).
  • Typefaces: Your typefaces need to be legible. And don’t use too many colors when making typefaces for your template. It’s recommended that you have three different type faces in size and color. Keep it at a max of 3 so that you don’t confuse your reader.


Having a site that’s intuitive navigation wise will help your readers find what they’re looking for faster. Ideally, the visitor viewing your email template shouldn’t have to think on how to get to point A to point B. It should be designed to get them to the next destination with minimal effort on their part.

Here are some pointers to help improve your site’s navigation:

  • Keep a simple navigation structure (and keep it on the top of your page)
  • Include the navigation on the footer of your site.
  • Don’t put too many navigation options on your page.
  • Include links within your web page’s copy and detail where the links direct to.
  • Place a search box on the top of your page so that your readers can quickly search for important keywords relating to your site.


In addition to your site’s navigation, it needs to be consistent in order to please your reader. The site needs to have a uniform, yet dynamic look for your visitors. Color schemes, type faces, backgrounds and the style of your writing need to be consistent so that it has a positive impact on the user experience and usability.

That’s not to say that every aspect of your site needs to have the same layout. You need to make different layouts for certain types of pages (layout for informational pages, landing page layouts). By making them consistent, it will be easier for your readers to understand your content and obtain the information they need when viewing a certain page.


When making email marketing templates or designing a website, you have to design it with your visitors in mind. Doing so will help you appeal to their needs and provide a better user experience. So, take time tweaking your information so that you can wow your audience!