The awesome success of Instagram has made all marketers eye this photo-sharing app for marketing their products and services. Not only does the social media platform have more than 800 million monthly active users but also the highest engagement rate among all social media networks; it’s 58 times more than Facebook in the level of engagement. However, Instagram does not lend itself conveniently to e-commerce.

Why Leverage Instagram to Build Email Lists

Instagram users are allowed to have only one website link and that too in the bio section and the photos themselves cannot be clicked to link to the website. Because of this restriction, smart marketers leverage the power of Instagram to generate subscribers for their email lists and then address potential customers with targeted messages for converting to e-commerce sales. Email not only has the advantage of being a stable system that is not subject to changes but also delivers the highest ROI among all digital marketing channels despite having been around for decades.

Incentivize Instagram Followers to Subscribe

Requesting Instagram followers to subscribe to your email newsletter does not work because very frankly unless there is a compelling reason no follower would like more email in his inbox. Therefore, you need to find out a powerful value proposition. Typically, you will need to offer something free of charge or at very attractive discount something that has real value to the subscriber. These include free e-books unavailable elsewhere, free courses or seminars, discount coupons, entry passes to events, etc.

The freebie you choose will depend on the industry you are in and who your target customer is. For the subscription to take place, you need to create a special landing page linked to the URL in the Instagram bio section. The offer can be promoted through your posts asking followers to click on the link to get the freebie. You can create an attractive landing page with the help of services that offer templates that you can use either for free or for a nominal charge. You can buy real Instagram likes to create some excitement around your posts in the initial stages.

Create an Email List

Now that you have got your Instagram followers signing up for the email newsletter, you need to acknowledge their action and thank them for it. It is obvious that this cannot be a manual process so you need to have an automatic system-generated email being sent to the subscriber. The acknowledgment makes the subscriber feel good and reinforces the trust he’s displayed in you. You will also need a system to collect all the email addresses and integrate them into an emailing system that you can use to periodically shoot off emails to your subscribers encouraging them to explore your website and purchase items of interest.


You can build engagement with your email subscribers by giving them quality content that they will love. Make it a point not to push your products in every email that you send, instead use the emails to build a connection with the subscriber.