How to learn and pass the enrolled agent exam

Introduction to enrolled agent

An enrolled agent is an authorised tax practitioner who has expertise in the field of taxation. The enrolled agent is backed up by the U.S. department of treasury to represent tax payers before all levels of administration of the Internal Revenue Services. You need to study the enrolled agent course in order to know the basics of EA profile.

How to become an enrolled agent?

There are two ways to become an enrolled agent. The first way is to work for IRS for five years in a position which requires the explanation of the tax code while the second way is to pass all the three parts of the Special Enrolment Exam. These enrolled agent courses teaches you a lot about the practical things of EA profile.

Online Examination: You can become an enrolled agent by showing extraordinary competence in tax matters. This online examination is administered by Prometric. In order to get this exam you should obtain a personal tax identification number, apply to take the special enrolment examination, achieve passing marks on all three parts of SEE, apply on enrolment on form 23 and last but not the least the applicant has to undergo a background check before the enrolment which involves the review of the applicant’s tax transcript.

IRS experience: You can become an enrolment agent due to your past service and experience with the IRS that makes you eligible for enrolment. In order to get to this examination you need to have the years of past service and technical experiences mentioned in circular 230.

Enrolled agent examination

The EA examination is held in three parts which are individuals, businesses and representation, practice and procedures.

The EA exams are offered from May 1 till February 28. There is no testing in March or April. If you are planning to give the EA exams you can schedule each part of the exam as per your convenience. You are not required to give all the exams in a single sitting. For each part of the examination there is a fee of $109.

Each part of the EA exams has about 100 questions and there are also a small number of experimental questions. Besides this exam contains three types of MCQs which are direct question, incomplete questions and all of the above except. Candidates who are unable to pass a part of exam after four attempts during the May and February window has to wait  for the next testing period.

Three parts of the SEE

The three parts of the SEE are individuals, businesses and representation which include practices and procedures.

Is there any educational or experience prerequisites for becoming an enrolled agent?

Well the answer is no. The only thins which counts your knowledge is regarding the tax code which is proven by clearing the SEE. Once you have attained the license of enrolled agent it shows that you have very good knowledge of issues related to taxes.

Some of the popular EA courses

It is very important to choose the right enrolled agent course while becoming an EA. In order to pass this course you will spending a large amount of time in studying, Due to this it becomes very important to select a course that is in accordance to your style as well as background.

Fast forward academy

This enrolled agent course keeps an eye on your progress and monitors the three indicators of performance namely personal Exam data, personal study data and community exam data. This course give you around 3100 MCQs and students would be very well prepared if they work through all the examples in the course.


The Enrolled agent courses from Glem includes a personal counsellor and this counsellor would prepare the plan of examination .This course further helps you to customise the practice test, The EA software from Glen comes with fantastic detailed analytics which helps you to track your progress and performance.

Welker EA:  This course is a high rated course which is the ideal EA course for people who are looking to spend a limited budget. This course has very good learning technology by which the customers are able to make customised study programs according to their needs.The technology used in this course is latest.


At Lambers the students can review with many things like audio lectures, video lectures and online workbook.


This enrolled agent course is available at a low price of $49 for a single section of exams. This course includes access to all online features along with practice questions.