Writing well is Difficult, Isn’t It?

The art of writing is difficult, even for the best writers sometimes. In as much as essay writing skills is something that grows after a series of practice, unfortunately for some people, it does not improve.  A bad essay is characterized by poor punctuation, poor grammar, improper sentence structures, disorganized paragraphs, and wrong content.  For many students, they face the challenge of how to improve essay writing skills. Students tend to focus more on good grades that mastering the writing techniques of essays. The problem is that students employ repetitive formulas in their writing in spite of expressing great ideas.  However, all is not lost as students still have a chance to improve and take their essay writing skills to the next level.

Tips to Improve Writing Skills

According to https://essayzoo.org/ for students to write good essays and maintain the standards for a long period, the following tips will be useful for them to put into practice. A good writing techniques for essays require agood introduction paragraph pined with a strong thesis statement, well-structured body paragraphs with topic sentences and conclusive sentences, a succinct conclusion written correct grammar.

First, the introduction should be concise and comprehensive but not at the expense of clarity. A good introduction should allow readers to learn about the relevant background information on the topic. The thesis statement states the standpoint of the writer by stating the argument with the facts that support the writer’s stance. Essentially, the thesis statement should contain between one and two sentences explaining the writer’s position. All the succeeding paragraphs in the body of the essays should revolve around the thesis, trying to prove the central idea.  Instructors tend to assess the body part of the essay based on how they relate to the thesis sentence.

Second, good body paragraphs outline ideas and concepts in an organized and logical order. The topic sentences in each paragraphs should capture the facets supporting the dominant idea of the paper. The sentences following the topic sentence are written to explain the idea and provide examples that substantiate the topic to prove the argument. This can be ideas borrowed from relevant sources or the writer’s opinions. The last sentence is the concluding sentence that asserts the validity of the presented idea.

Lastly, a good conclusion should restate the thesis statement without necessarily using the same words to emphasize the writers’ position. In addition, the conclusion should be short summarizing the major and the supporting points of the essay. A writer should not introduce any new idea in the conclusion.

Develop the Writing Habits

Many students do not prefer a class with numerous essay assignments since they find the art of writing tedious and time-consuming.  The team of https://edujungles.com/ is inclined to think that the hate on essay writing from the student is mainly because of the lack of interest in developing the essential writing habits.  Essay improvement require writers to develop the habit of writing by practicing regularly.  Students can learn these habits by visiting online sites that explains proper writing techniques for essays.

In the practice, students are required to focus on style and convention. The style is about the fluency and glibness of the essay that demonstrates a writer’s effortless essay writing skills.  To improve on style, writers need to flesh their papers with various form of sentences, genre-specific vocabulary and idiomatic phrases. A stylistic paper not only captivates but also creates an impact on the readers. In regard to convention, writers should work on their spellings, sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. Numerous common mistakes not only diminish the credibility of the paper but also suggest elements of carelessness. When a student commits many errors, the paper will not be understood regardless of whether the presented arguments were strong or not.  Proper punctuation allows the essays to be clear and persuasive.  An essay becomes more legible and flawless when it is written in active voice, short sentences, and with minimal or no adverbs. Active voice gives the paper life. In as much as the essay should be written in a formal and an academic context, it does not mean that the paper should be boring.  Adopting a confident tone of voice helps to assure the readers that the arguments in the paper are factual and reliable. The process of essay improvement is practical when students embrace proofreading to eliminate cases of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Moreover, students can improve their essay writing skills by developing their vocabulary. A writer full of vocabulary has the advantage of expressing and explaining their ideas with ease. In particular, topic-specific vocabulary allows the student to be clear and concise by avoiding long rambling sentences. In this case, students are advised to read widely while referring to the dictionary when they come across new words.  The thesaurus is also helpful in helping the writer to know different words that can be used interchangeably to avoid excessive repetition.  Improving vocabulary is something that students should be working on continuously since there is always a room to learn new words.

In fact, the first draft of essays written by professional writers is not always perfect. All writers have room for improvement regardless of their experience level.  Essay improvement comes when writers become careful and willing to learn. A paper becomes a good essay after several proofing and editing to correct the possible mistakes.


Essay improvement entails writing a paper characterized by a well-organized introduction, body, and conclusion.  In the essay writing skills, students are advised to embrace proofing, deploy relevant vocabularies to remove common writing mistakes to make the essay flawless. The art of writing becomes simpler when the writers develop the habits of writing.