How-to: Horse Betting For Beginners

Betting on horse racing has been around since practically the times when horse races were first introduced. Naturally, such sort of entertainment has never left people indifferent throughout the whole history of its existence. If you ask what makes punters enjoy this form of gambling in the modern world, we’ll say it’s the fact it remains one of the easiest ways of getting cash. As the evidence to that statement one may just read through the Cheltenham festival programme and see what opportunities it offers for the upcoming weekend. However, to use that opportunity to your advantage you, as a beginner, should first get a clear picture of how the horse race betting is done. To start with, you’ll need to learn the wager types.

Type 1 – Straight bets

Straight wagers are suitable for those who aren’t yet familiar with betting. They are always placed on just ONE horse.

  • Win – a punter is picking a horse that’s supposed to finish first. Eventually, you get money only if your horse wins the race.
  • Place – when choosing this type, you bet that your horse will cross the line either first or second. The payout, in this case, is lower yet, chances of winning are higher.
  • Show – this way you bet that your horse may finish first, second or third. Despite the payouts being lower compared to the above-mentioned options, when picking this type you get yourself secured to the level of maximum.
  • Combined or across the board – you bet on all the existing options at once. As you probably guess, this option offers the smallest payouts rates among all the types.

Type 2 – Exotic bets

Exotic wagers are more complex and involve a number of horses to place you wager on. However, their payouts are usually much higher in comparison to the straight ones.

  • Quinella – you bet on two numbers to finish first and second. Which horse will be the first and which comes the second basically has no meaning.
  • Exacta – this wager type is practically the same as previous, just you are betting on the horses to finish first and second in an exactly given order. The payouts are normally higher in the case of a win.
  • Trifecta – a punter chooses the three horses to finish first, second and third in a set order. Bookmakers, however, provide an opportunity to box this wager, which will allow you win even if your horses get first to third places in different order. But, surely, such an offer costs more.
  • Superfecta – same as trifecta just you bet on four horses. Again, there’s opportunity to box it.

Placing a wager

Now that you know the wager types, you just need to pick the one and come to tellers. There you name the race number and racetrack, state the amount and type of bet and provide the horse’s number. That’s all! The rest is on lady luck. As you see, it’s simple. So don’t hesitate and get yourself to races right now!