The entire world is coming online. Having an online presence is crucial if you want to keep in touch with high profile people or make a name for yourself. Luckily building a website, nowadays, have become super easy and thanks to tools like Wix, anybody can create their fully functional professional website.

Wix is a free website builder which you can use to drag and drop elements and create a professional looking website. It also comes loaded with plenty of free website templates created by professional developers which you can use as a base for your website. Naturally, creating your dream website is a breeze with Wix.

However, building your website is simply the start of it all. The next part is to have your online business grow. And as you can guess by the title of this read, here we will be discussing just that. Wix offers plenty of tools and options to help you increase your online presence, So without further ado, let’s see how you can grow your business online with Wix:

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to get more traffic, one of the best ways to do so is by improving your rank on Google. Most people, when they need things, search on Google, and if you are site is listed on the ladder it will lead to increased traffic. Wix comes with aa SEO Wizard which will guide you step by step to make your site as SEO friendly as possible.


Site Booster

If not from search engines, your traffic can come from listing websites and directories. If you have a brick and mortar business with a physical address, then the Wix Site Booster will help your site show up in search results made by customers living near your locality.

Improve Sales

Another way to improve your conversion rates would be targeting the right audience who will buy your services/products. Wix has a GetTraffic tool which helps to create customized web ads which you can use to lure in customers based on location, demographics and so on.


Another sure-fire way to increase traffic, as well as improve the user attention retention on your site would be using blogs. Blogs can help create a relationship with your audience as well as increase your SEO score. Wix allows you to incorporate a free blog to your site with all the necessary functionalities.

Email Marketing

In the online world, email marketing is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. So to help out in this department you get access to Wix ShoutOut. It is an Email Marketing tool which useful options like easy Content Integration, Social Media tools, and stats tracking. You also get access to a multitude of beautiful email templates with plenty of customization styles. On top of all this, Wix ShoutOut lets you make emails and be in touch with your contacts on the go with its mobile app.

Contact Management

Keeping in touch with all your customers on a routine basis is very important. Now with Wix, you can manage all your contacts right from your Account Dashboard. This area also allows you to upload, integrate and manage external contact lists as well.

Coupons and Discount Sales

One of the best ways to call your customer’s attention is through the use of coupons and sales. If you have a Wix Store, then you can use ShoutOut to send coupons and discount codes to your customers through emails or on social media sites.

Automated Emails

Wix has a feature called Smart Actions which helps you to set up automated emails that you can program to send to users who signs-up to your newsletter or orders something from your online store. Your customers will appreciate this simple gesture.

Social Media Marketing

People spend most of their online time on social media websites. And so if you can expand your presence on Social Media, you are sure to catch the attention of a bunch of potential customers. Wix allows you to embed a feed of your latest post straight on your site or promote your online store on your Facebook page.

Wix App Market

On top of this, Wix comes with its own App Market filled with a boatload of apps designed to help you improve your online presence as well as make your site more visually engaging.