Looking for more Instagram followers and you don’t have an idea on how to go about it?  You don’t have to worry because we will educate you in this article on how to get more Instagram followers.

Instagram is the app used by kids for fun and business people to network, marketing of products and branding. Instagram is the popular social networking app currently. This is because it has more people who are ever active daily.

You can get more followers through bots or buy active followers and Instagram views. You need to know you can only improve the number of your followers by following people on Instagram who care for you and engage with your products.

It is true that when you follow the other users of Instagram they will finally follow you and they are able to know what you post.

In order to survive on Instagram, you need to post brands which are of high quality to increase the morale of your followers when they are going through your post.

By so doing, you can get more followers because your existing followers can be able to share what you post only if they are interested in.

For you to get more followers on Instagram you need to make sure that you are on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for more networking. Before you post anything on social media you need to ensure that the lighting of your camera is well then you focus on the object.

Therefore the following are 7 ways on how to get more followers as shared at Gramlike.

1.Post persuasive content

You need to share a great content because that is what will give you more Instagram views and make people to like, talk and comment on what you have posted. This is a good way of getting for getting more followers.

The main thing here is to the audience you are targeting and what you want them to know about your post. You need to ensure everything you is interesting to your audience. Your goal must be engagement, to inform and entertainment.

2. Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag. 

You need to create the best hashtag for your company. You should also you put your own profile to prove that the content you share is yours. You can direct people to use your hashtag through TVS and radios.

You need also to ensure the same is done on other social media platforms without assuming that people will just find it.

3. Share your Instagram account in other channels

Through all communication tools either offline or online you take them as an opportunity to give people directions to your Instagram account.

You can use links to your Instagram account on your online newsletters website, and in your email signature. This guaranteed that individuals who are in contact with your brand can find you on social media.

You also need not to rule out offline communications tools like business cards and product packaging at an event.

4. Get creative with hash tagging

You need not to be ironic and funny. In other words don’t be boring. You should be able to tell part of your story so that you can get more followers and hence more Instagram views.

5. Remove unwanted tagged photos of you from your profile. 

You need to feature the best content. Through these, you are required to delete the unwanted photos on your profile. You need also to post photos which get more followers and relevant user.

Note that when you follow a user on Instagram it is a must he or she will follow you back and get a chance to go through your account.

6. Post at the right time

You need to put in mind that you should check on time when you want to post anything. When the number of followers is low, you are sure of getting more followers.

7. Post consistently

You need to know that your followers who are in existence want to see your content from you every time.

This is the reason why they followed you in the first place. This is a way of exposing you to a wider audience through sharing your post to their followers.


Instagram platform can earn you a living through what you are posting. Before you post any product on Instagram you need to know the audience, time and the place.

In order to get more Instagram views and likes you need to ensure that you post a product of high quality at the right place targeting the right place. When posting anything on Instagram it should be interesting all the time to draw attention to your followers and also the users.