Does your iPhone randomly stopped up saving your photographs to the Photos application? The photos which you took with camera showing up as smaller thumbnails in the application even though you changed to the Photos application? Are you facing problems in sending your photos over iMessages?

Don’t worry… you are nor can fix these problems. A brisk survey verified this issue has been disturbing users since iOS 8.1 with not a single answer for be found and no affirmation from Apple this was an authentic issue. The mobile being referred to is an iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2. The issue showed up subjectively and not after a service or reset.

All you need to do is follow the below instruction to fix the problem,

Let’s go,

Step 1: Restart your iPhone

Step 2: Now, Open the Camera application and take a snap.

Step 3: Within the camera application, tap the thumbnail of the photograph you just took in order to view it

Step 4: Tap on the Share button present at the bottom of the screen send the photograph to a contact over iMessages

Step 5: Restart your iPhone once again for good assess and your problem has to be solved

It’s not clear what is bringing about this issue. It unquestionably goes back a couple of months as indicated by numerous online discussions. The additionally mysterious thing is that it all of a sudden showed up despite the fact that there was no late firmware fix made on the device. The mobile had been running fine, and the photographs were being spared with no issues until they rapidly simply halted. The uplifting news is that your photographs are without a doubt are being saved so once you done with solving the issue, every one of the photographs that appeared to have not saved will start coming in the Photos application.