If you’ve recently been laid off from your job or you are looking for a change of pace from office life, it might be a good idea to consider looking for a job where you can work from home.

This type of job allows for more flexibility, and can be great for people looking to stay home with their children and family for longer parts of the day. Perhaps new parents would like to get some work done while also getting to spend time with their baby.

Maybe you’re just more motivated at home and get distracted while working around a bunch of people. You might want to work in your pajamas, or you just hate commuting.

Whatever the reason, remote employment is pretty easy to find these days, but keep in mind as you’re looking that a lot of people who work remotely find it difficult to strike a balance between home and work.

Here’s a few ways to find the right opportunity for you.

Know Where To Look

There are hundreds of different sites that can help you look for work-from-home jobs.

General job sites have a lot of opportunities, and are usually listed under telecommute and remote work. You can try the aggregators like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn, but there will be a lot of applicants.

Some sites, like Flexjobs, cater directly to remote or flex opportunities, where you work part of your time at home and part of your time in the office. You can also look for contract work on sites like Upwork, if you’re into the freelance life.

AngelList is another one that works for these kind of opportunities. It features positions that thousands of different start-up companies have open, and is perfect for someone who would like to build a great product from the ground up.

It might be worth it to apply for remote work in a places nearby, in case you ever need to make a meeting a conference. For example, if you live in New York City, you could apply to remote jobs in Staten Island. There are job resources that cater to specific places, so narrowing your search should be easier and less competitive than the bigger sites.

If you use general job listing sites, you can also find some great opportunities. When searching a general job listing site, you can simply type in “work from home,” “telecommute,” or “remote,” as a keyword, and jobs that fit that description should appear in the listings.

Jobs That Are Best For Remote Work

Great jobs that can be done from home include web developing, writing, designing, and even marketing and sales.

There are also customer service representative jobs that are perfect for people who are social and good at engaging with customers. This kind of job requires great problem solving skills as well. Data entry jobs that can be perfect for someone who has basic computer knowledge.

Basically anything in the tech industry is good for remote opportunities. If you’re responsive and have a computer at home, it’s not necessary to be in an office space, especially if it’s for short-term contract work.

Build Your Online Profile

Aside from hunting down different job opportunities, you can also build more of an online presence.

Since telecommuting jobs prevent you from meeting your employer in person, it is good to have a strong presence online so they can get a feel for what kind of employee you would be. This can be in the form of a great LinkedIn profile or even a blog. This would serve as a portfolio that allows for employers to see your experience and knowledge in your field.

If you are a writer, great sites that can help you put together a writing portfolio is Pressfolios and Contently. Both of these sites let you customize your own page and highlight your best stories in order to showcase your talent.

You might also want to take a look at your online reputation, and try to either clean it up if it’s negative or add to an already-sterling profile.

Stay Up To Date

You’ll also want to make sure your resume is up to date and has all of your most recent accomplishments and your skill set.

You might be searching for some really great opportunities and you want to make sure that you have a resume on hand that is written and ready to go. This will make applying so much easier and help streamline to process so you can apply for several positions in a day.

As mentioned before, having an updated portfolio or relevant work samples on-hand is a good way to stay updated. Also, if you’re a contractor, testimonials and reviews from previous clients are good to have so that you have a proven track record that you’re easy to work with.