The online games industry is huge and there are thousands of online games to choose from. It is estimated that there are 30,000 games on Steam, says PC Gamer. These games range from popular free-to-play titles like Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, as well as premium paid for games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Grand Theft Auto V.

Sorting through these games to find one that you like can be made much easier, however. By getting another site to choose your online game for you, you don’t have to spend hours trying to find your next favorite game.

Listen to the Experts

You may not have the time to go through thousands of online games and look through every online game platform to find something new to play but other people do. For the experts, it is their job to go through these games and to tell you what’s good, what are the new releases and what are the new deals on games and the content in them. There are experts for game genres and types of games. For an MMORPG such as World of Warcraft, you may go to Massively OP and for first-person shooters such as Call of Duty you would go to Charlie Intel. In the online casino industry, those looking for reviews of the best online casinos don’t hesitate to check, which tells you the offers available at various platforms, such as free spins and deposit bonuses. It will also tell you which casino sites have the best slots, table casino games and sports betting options.

Steam Discovery Queue

Steam is one of the biggest storefronts for online games and it is one of the places where players often get lost and are unable to find new games that they will like. To fix this, Steam owner Valve has rolled out something called the Steam Discovery Queue. An article about the Discovery Queue by explains that it works by giving you a queue of recommended games that it has chosen because of the other games you have purchased and played. It will give you around two dozen games to look at and you can buy them, add them to your wishlist, and follow their news and updates. You can also customize your queue by saying you aren’t interested in a game or game type.

Use Twitch

Amazon’s live streaming platform Twitch is also incredibly useful for finding new games to play. There are two ways that Twitch can help with game suggestions. One of these is by suggesting games for you to watch on the platform, as the platform looks at tags for that game and the games you’ve viewed on Twitch. The other way that Twitch can help you find new online games to play is by suggesting streamers. There are millions of Twitch streamers, says and they play many different games, so you can find new things to play by watching them. The video game landscape can be difficult to navigate but the industry seems to know that. That’s why it has created with so many ways to help you find something you like.