Christmas is the time when you spend time with your family and exchange presents. When we were kids, we created our wish list and waited for Santa to place them under the tree. As you grow up, you get to know that it was your mother, who played secret Santa. Now that you are all grown up, it is payback time! There are innumerable options for women. There are shoes, accessories, clothes, makeup, and many more goodies to give to a woman. However, there are very few options for the men. How about gifting them a tech gift?

We have created the list of best tech Christmas gifts just for you! These are some of the most unusual Christmas presents that you can give to your friend, brother, boyfriend, husband, colleague, or father. Gone are the days of buying a sweater or wine bottle for the male species! Give them something unique and useful. Take a look!

#1 Amazon Echo

Technology has changed the face of the world. You can check the outside temperature and turn off the lights with just the sound of your voice. It is true! Amazon Echo is much more advanced than the first generation. It has an improved design, and the audio quality is superior. Phones are smart! Why shouldn’t you opt for a smart home control? This could be an ideal present for your partner. If he keeps the lights on and forgets switching it off, then this is ideal for him! In just $99 his home can be secure.

#2 BeatsX Wireless Headphones

Does your friend like running? If the answer is a resounding YES, then give this something that would be useful for them! The BeatX headphones are handy, and the sound quality is amazing. The fit is comfortable, and the audio quality will blow their mind! It is the best Christmas gift for runners or gym-goers.

#3 Anker 20,000 mAh Portable Charger

This can be an excellent present for travelers and businessmen. If your brother or fiancé are always traveling and run out of phone charge, they should have a portable charger with them.

The Anker 20,000 mAh portable charger is ideal! It would fit in the pocket and just you know, it would fit your budget as well. It is a cheap yet popular Christmas gift.

#4 Amazon Kindle

This gadget comes within $100, and it is the best option for readers. If you have a friend or boyfriend, who loves reading, then this could be the perfect present. It has an excellent touchscreen display. One can read eBooks under the sun or in the darkness because Amazon Kindle is your magical book which has its own light. This is one of the best gift ideas for readers!

#5 Parrot Mambo

Little brothers are demanding and maddening, but they fill your life with sheer joy. How about gifting them a drone to keep them away from your room? The Parrot Mambo is a drone which comes for $100. The drone is easy to control, and it is kid-friendly. Your brother will never trouble you after you gift the Parrot Mambo to him!

Gifting him a drone means he would spend most of his time in flying his very own drone. He may not listen to the world after getting a drone for Christmas. If he does not do his homework, you can give him an on-time essay for Christmas! The service is ON time, and it is highly efficient. Wouldn’t you want your brother to get fantastic grades in college?

These were some of the cheap gifts for Christmas.  However, they are the best because they are useful for men. Giving a bottle of wine or a warm sweater may seem like a sweet idea, but you cannot do that every Christmas. If your boyfriend is giving you diamonds for Christmas, it is best to present him something useful. Every single time he looks at the Kindle or the headphones, he would think of you and smile. Practical presents are so much IN! If you want to be thoughtful, you can make a card and gift it along with the tech Christmas gift. Be wise and choose one of the tech gifts mentioned above. Happy holidays to you!