fDuring the last couple of years, SEO industry witnessed a lot of changes. Because of those changes, the majority of online marketers started to conduct their business in a different way. They were forced to do this because search engine algorithms were being constantly updated and brought some new rules. If your goal is to improve your website’s SEO, there are some strategies you’ll need to get informed about.

What is negative SEO?

You should forget about blackhat SEO since it became much harder to execute, and results won’t follow your efforts. It is important to get educated about negative SEO before engaging in some online marketing campaign. Black hat strategies can help to sabotage a competitor’s rankings and they can come in various forms.

First of all, someone can try to hack your website and manipulate your data. The negative SEO attacks can also harm your site with thousands of spammy links. In addition, your content can be copied and used all over the online space. The list of unethical behaviors goes on and includes using fake profiles which can ruin your reputation, and efforts to delete high-quality backlinks from your website. The following tips will help you to learn to protect yourself from negative SEO.

Enable email alerts in Google Webmaster

Google can be your true partner when it comes to negative SEO. It will send you email alerts when there’s malware attack on your site, if your pages aren’t indexed, and if it finds issues with server connectivity. Your first step should be going to „Webmaster Tools Preferences“ where you can enable email notifications about all unusual events on your website.

Keep an eye on your backlinks profile

The best way to stop spammers from harming your website is to keep track of your backlinks. It is very important to spot all low-quality redirects and links. While “vaccinating” your backlink portfolio is unavoidable in case your website has bad backlinks, not everyone can find the fine differences between “goodish” and bad links.

Search engine marketers from GWM SEO Sydney say that if an inexperienced person takes upon this job, you’re putting your website at risk of losing some good links or what’s worse not getting rid of the ones that are bad but seem good to an untrained eye.

Save your best backlinks

Spammers will do their best to build bad links toward your site, and on the other hand, will try to remove the best ones. They will use your personal information to request removing your backlinks. You can protect yourself by providing webmasters with an email address connected to your domain. Avoid using Gmail or Yahoo for that purpose. This way, the webmaster will know they’re working with the real website owner. Another way of preventing removal of your best backlinks is to keep track of them. There are some good online tools which can help you with this and you should consider using them.

Monitor the speed of your site

Spammers will start sending thousands of requests to the server you use, and your website will become much slower than it used to be. If you notice this, act quickly because your server may go down. There are some online tools for this purpose as well, and activating email alerts can save your server from attacks.

Check your content for duplication

A lot of black hat SEO experts will feel comfortable to copy the content featured on your site and post it somewhere else. This practice will be penalized by big search engines and your website will disappear from search results. The best way of fighting this is checking your content on regular basis. You should go to Copyscape and see if your intellectual property is shared somewhere else without your consent.

Don’t forget social media mentions

Most of the internet communication is happening on social media platforms and the best marketing channel is there as well. Your enemies will create fake accounts and use the name of your company or website. Report all those pages in order to stop spamming before they attract a lot of followers. Utilizing online tools can be helpful here, and the only thing you should do is to enable alerts which will let you know when someone is using your name in social media.


Fighting negative SEO can consume a lot of time, so don’t forget planning everything before building high-quality backlinks. Of course, you should protect yourself from your own negative SEO efforts as well. Avoid linking to penalized websites, publishing a lot of low-quality guest posts, and don’t build too many backlinks on your website. Be moderate and work on high-quality content since search engines are learning fast and malpractice will be penalized in no time.