A logo not only gives your brand an identity, it acts as a representative of your company as well. Nike’s logo -a simple ‘swish’ mark, stands out from the rest. The symbol is small, simple and does the job effectively. A good logo is also a means of good marketing. And without marketing, your business won’t survive. So how do you design a good logo?

A few steps you can follow to use free logo creator to design a logo include:

1.      The Customer Is God

Always remember that the customer is your God. Your entire business revolves around you winning your customers’ hearts and keeping them loyal to you. Before designing a logo keep in mind their likes and dislikes. Understand their mindsets and keep abreast with ongoing trends and styles.

  1.        Market Research

Make sure you do thorough market research to ensure that the logo delivers the overall idea and concept of the brand or company it represents. This helps in figuring out hurdles that might come after the launch of the logo. With the right amount of market research, you can save a lot of your company’s time and money.

  1.         Look For Inspiration

Take a look at the famous logos worldwide. They aren’t fancy or elaborate. For instance, Twitter’s logo is an image of the twitter bird in blue. This logo is the sole symbol of the company’s branding.

       4.        Decide On The Purpose

What exactly are you trying to convey through your logo? Are you trying to associate your brand or company with a logo? Is your company going through some major changes or merging with another one? Whatever the reason is, have a clear idea in mind as to what purpose the logo is serving.

  1.         Find The Best Logo Designers

There are individuals who are skilled in creating logos that stand out. Hire such professionals. If you are a small business and can’t afford to hire anyone, you can always opt for an online logo creation method.

  1.        Create A Rough Sketch

Once you’ve followed the above steps, create a rough sketch. You can draw it on a piece of paper or just visualize it. This will help you later on when you are customizing the logo online.

        7.     Find A Website That Suits Your Needs

There are a number of websites online that will help you in designing logos. Some of them are available with preloaded templates while others give you full customization options. One such website is Shopify where you can choose from a variety of icons and customize the colors and size of the logo.

Steps For Online Logo Creation

  1. Enter The Logo Text

This consists of the name of the company or the store the logo represents. Put small texts into this field. While choosing logo text, make sure that the text isn’t already in use by another company.

  1. Choose The Design

This option lets you pick from a variety of icons, frames and layouts. You can also choose from different categories of designs such as Travel, Health, Beauty etc.

  1. Edit The Colors and Fonts

It is very important to choose the colors that your company is already associated with. For instance, the entire layout of Facebook is blue and so is the logo. Another example is WhatsApp and their extensive use of the color green everywhere.

Fonts can also be a representative of the brand. For instance, Coca-Cola uses a distinctive font style which even if written in other languages can be identified as Coca-Cola. Also, stick to one font style and size. Using different font styles in one logo can spoil the design.

  1. Position The Logo

This helps you in deciding where the logo icon should be placed in relation to the logo text. If you are very particular about the position of the logo and text you can check out Shopify which allows you to place the logo in different positions.

  1. Size Of The Logo

Pick an appropriate size for both the icons of the logo and the text. They must complement and not overshadow each other.

  1. Choose a background:

You can choose different colors and textures for your background.

  1. Save and Share

This option lets you download your logo in a JPG, PNG or PDF format. Some online logo creation websites ask for a Sign-Up before they allow you to save or share your work.