It actually goes without saying using the best stand design for you exhibition will determine the success of the event. And as trade exhibitions advisors say, it takes less than four seconds to attract the audience attention. Remember that this attention is very vital in increasing sales and for brand recognition as well. This is because the first impression that a prospective customer gets about the company is what will lead to either losing a sale or commencement of long business relationship. The key to the best exhibition booth is how you present it. The best stands decoration is Paris  should be in a position to stand out from the rest by including brand imaging, lighting, make effective use of colors and product display.


One main factor that you need to consider when decorating an exhibition booth is the size. Asmuch as the size is greatly determined by the exhibition space, the best exhibition stand size should been seek by a potential customer from a distance. The larger the exhibition stand space the more visible your stand will be. There will also be a wide range of options available when decorating the stand. The location of the exhibition stand also matters a great deal. Generally, exhibition stands located at a cornerspace are more visible. This is because the displays will be seen in two dimensions rather than one.


In most cases, exhibition planners normally contact decorating companies to deal with the exhibition stands set up and provide other decorative items like furniture, lighting and carpeting.  Before the show, exhibitors are normally given a list of colors, lighting options and styles to choose from depending on the business needs and preferences. Since exhibition planners are experienced in handling such events, such as inviting more guests using online invitations,  they will also offer advice on how to perfectly design the exhibition stand in a way that will attract more customers. The best companies can even go to the extent of meeting with the exhibitors to discuss their business objectives, the products they deal with and the advertising strategies they have in place. They can then come up with a customized exhibition stand design based on the information provided.

Colors and logos

To get the most out of the exhibition, the colors used in the stand should be the same ones available in the company logo. This will help for easier identification of the business. You can give these details to the exhibition stand builders who are responsible for providing images and signs for the exhibition stand.

Visual aids

Audio and visual aid equipment also play an important role in luring potential customers to the exhibition stand. You therefore need to ensure that the exhibition stand has enough space to cater for these equipment. You can come up with a video of the company or create something more captivating and unique. For easier viewing, you need to seek services from decorative companies that can offer eye-level screens. If you have enough space, you can also display some of the products that the company has to offer.