Giving gifts is one of the most remarkable methods of creating a lovable bond between two parties. Gifts carry with them a sentimental value, especially when it comes from someone who is close to your heart. It is however possible, that your gift might not give away the value you have for the other person, or that the other person might not appreciate it to the fullest. This is primarily because your loved one might expect something extra, rather than a generalized gift item you may have picked up from a Walmart. As we all know, the difference between the ordinary and the extra-ordinary is that little ‘extra’. And this is where Canvas Champ comes in, as it provides you with the most extra-ordinary selections of personalized gift items for your loved ones.

I’ll start off with the types of canvases you can have a memorable picture printed on canvas. These include rolled canvas, single panel canvas, split canvas or even hexagon shaped canvas prints. All of these types go on to satisfy different sort of artistic craving you are willing to show.

The gift customization!

Even after the numerous types of canvases, Canvas Champ also offers choices to its customers in regards to the styles and materials to fit your customization needs.

Mirror wrap

Starting with the edges of the canvas, you have the option of a mirror wrap, which is great, if you have details on the edges of the picture you don’t want to miss.


Image Wrap

The second edge style is the image wrap, ideal for the classic look. And finally a colored wrap is designed to synchronize with the look of your background wall.



Moving on to framing, options like a black curved frame or blonde maple frame to name a few can add an aesthetic touch to your canvas and the room. These are all designer frames and can be customized according to your needs. For a nostalgic feel, you can also customize your picture through antique frames like the jet black, brushed yellow and heritage golden frames.


Options for better customized gifts!


Furthermore, Canvas Champ also offers you the ability to enhance your picture with artistic effects like Gray Scale, Sepia or Digital oil to make your pictures stand out in the room.


This coupled with the top notch quality lamination provided by Canvas Champ ensures that your picture has a durable life, in addition to it giving out a shiny and glossy look. The lamination is guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years as it protects the canvas picture from damaging rays and weather conditions.

Add a Text

And finally to top it all of it is the ability in your hands to add any text on the picture too. This may be any special message or a quote or even an inside joke which is destined to bring a smile on the face of your loved one. All of these customization options in addition to the different types of canvases go on to show how you can gift the most extra-ordinary gift to your loved one, made picture perfect according to your requirements through Canvas Champ.