Having a great brand is all about the image you put out and the perception that people have of it. And part of molding that perception is making sure that you have creative and compelling content that draws people in, that keeps them interested and that encourages them to return to you time and again. Here are five tips for generating content that keeps your brand top of mind for the people that matter:


Good communication is the foundation of any relationship. Thus, in a business setting, it’s just as important for you to listen to people as it is for you to talk to them. You can strive to portray a calculated image via innovative marketing and public relations campaigns, but to understand how that image is being received, you also need to take the time to listen to the things that people are saying about you, your brand and their needs in response. Internet applications have made this super easy over the last decade. Make sure you monitor social media, news articles and other “public spaces,” listening for the ways people are discussing, reviewing and even condemning your products and your brand.


Good content is relevant. It answers a question and addresses a need. Listen to what people are saying, and then talk to them about why they are saying it. Track your brand touchpoints and ask your sales associates about their customer encounters. Take notes when people call customer service. To really maximize your ROI, hire a reputable research agency (such as Communications for Research) to help you interview customers and/or consumers. With the knowledge you gain, you can begin crafting content that your customers (and the market at large) really want to hear.

 Pen a Catchy Title

Of course, you have to make it interesting. Nowadays, people have multiple commitments and countless distractions pulling them in a million different ways. To get their attention amongst all that chaos, you have to have a unique draw. Penning a catchy title is a great way to start.

 Use Your Own Words Well

And then you need to write something well, because how you write is just as important as what you write. Answer a specific question and do it with careful attention to detail. Grammatical and spelling errors are easily detected, indicating a sloppiness that makes it hard for readers to trust you no matter how much you might know.

Maximize the Impact

Finally, familiarize yourself with basic search engine optimization techniques. Good content not only educates, it facilitates consumer interaction. Research how to choose keywords that showcase your authority, ranking your content higher in search results and, thus, giving you better exposure. By using the right keywords and keeping things current, short and easy-to-read, you can maintain interest in and respect for your brand!

Good content isn’t always intuitive, but with well-reasoned and well-researched intent, you can establish a collection of compelling content that captivates consumers and enriches their lives. Can you think of a better way to boost brand loyalty?