If you are not  technician and thinking about the development of your on cyber-oriented business, you may be terrified by the number of those issues and question you are going to face even in the very first steps of the your preparations for the launching of your own new project. One of the most vital is how to choose a proper web development company for your company? And even, there are more. for instance: Should I choose onshore or offshore company? Should I take a freelancer or not? and many many others. Some people choose web development company in New York some in India or Canada, Australia or Estonia, while having so many different developers out there it is really difficult to make a decision, but everything is not so difficult and uneven. So, in that article I would like to give you a brief explanation on all these questions and show you that the process of searching for an agency is not so terrible, but pretty long and demanding. However, there is no direct manual on that issues, so not the every given advice is 100% valid and is going to give you the best possible outcomes in any case.

What to take into consideration?

First of all, let us just have a brief examination on all those important issues and features, which we have to keep in mind before even starting looking for the developer for your project. For sure, if there would be the full list of all those essentials and must-haves for a successful decision, maybe several pages of an article will not be enough to explain all those essentials, which are vital for any beginning developer on the very first etapes of the creation and promotion of his project. So, I think it would be suitable to concentrate only on those, which are actually the core of the whole process. They are:

  • Specialisation;
    • Experience;
    • Authority:
    • Professionalism;
  • Size;
    • Depending on your opportunities;
    • Depending on the size of your project itself;
  • Location;
    • Depending on your budget.

From that brief list it seems suitable to transfer to a more broad description of all the essential points of that long-going and ornate process.


If you are launching your own cyber- business, based on a certain special technology, platform or approach, the most vital thing, that has to be done is the choice of an organisation or even a freelancer, which will be specialized on one certain and narrow field. When launching a project, you have to remember, that the idea becomes real and developed only in case of a day to day support, absolutely the same situation could be seen within a developing project. So, after even creation of it, you have to keep in mind, that there are such highly important nuances, as for example, advertisement, SEO promotion, statistics and business support, which can not be supported by your own, while the wise decision will be to transfer such a job to specialists. However, there is another issue. Usually those companies, which do not have a strict specialisation are not giving such services as those, which I highlighted earlier, and are interested only in the actual development of a raw product, which still is not able to work as it is needed. Moreover, in such case you will spend even more money, while hiring other specialists, which will be able to promote and develop the web site on the field of business itself. On that point I would like to give you an advice. Always check the portfolio and keep in mind, that specialisation almost always equals professionalism, while spraying means averages.

Furthermore, there are also other several things you have to remember in case of looking for a developer. You have to take a look on their social activity. What other project do they host or finance? Where do they cooperate and with whom? Do they act with sponsors anywhere and look for the valid feedbacks on their reputation. Besides, you also have to notice, that before even thinking about a contract with a company you have to collect as much information as possible and as needed in order to avoid being deceived. Lastly, read their blog, Facebook and if possible even Twitter. It will be a pretty good idea to see, what are they posting and discussing on their potential professional field.


Here we have to take into consideration, that on this field size matters. However, it depends on the size of your project and the size of your wallet. First of all, I believe, that it will be suitable to mention, that if you are planning to arrange a small project, for instance a small mobile app or even a small internet shop, operation only in your region, there is no need for hiring of a highly experienced and professional team of developers, who will construct a resource with only several primary ambitions or without them entirely. So, here we can see two main approaches to the development of an app or and e-commerce business, the first one is based on freelancers, while another one is based on a special agency. In that section we are going to briefly examine both of them.

So, first of all,when we are talking about a freelancer, we do not have to forget, that hiring 20 or even more freelancers for a big project is absolutely inefficient, because of the fact, that in case if you are dealing with a big number of them, especially if they are located in different places, that main issue will be the problems of management of all of them, regulation of deadlines and even paying wages.

However, in case if you are having a pretty small project that would be vital to remember, that having 4-10 freelancer is pretty acceptable because of the fact, that if you are willing to hire an agency for that type of work you will just lose a pretty big amount of money. But, there are also several other questions you a have to sort out, which freelancer to choose, offshore or onshore. It could be explained in a highly simple manner. If your foreign language is good, you do not have strict deadlines and do not want to pay twice, take the offshore freelancer. If no, take an onshore one. Moreover, there is another important issue, examination of a freelancer. I will give you a pretty short list of steps, that have to be done, while accepting a freelancer:

  1. Give him a primary task;
  2. Do not ask trivial questions about programming;
  3. Try to find out his personality;
  4. Be precise and exact;
  5. Be ready for a long process;
  6. Be meticulous.

In case of a company things are easier. As big and long-going is your project as big and specialized has to be a company you are looking for in order to start a project. Moreover, I would like to notice, that frequently it is much better to reinsure and go directly to the company avoiding the freelancers. Finally, if you are having a really big and potential project, one of the best decision may be to look for a co-founder or even a sponsor, who will be able to work together with you, have the same interest, help in dealing with the upcoming issues and share the revenues. Of course, in such case you have to remember the word “share”, as I already told you. But one small sacrifice in the beginning will bring you stronger and better outcomes in the very end.


That issue is also pretty important, because of the fact, that you have to remember, that web development company in New York and web development company in Bangalore or Kuala Lumpur have numerous differences starting from the price list and ending with those people, who are going to work there with you. Of course, now we again go back to the question of offshore and onshore workers, but in case of the company. And, now, again, we have to keep in mind the same points about money, language and time. Moreover, we are now living in the age of a developing and all the time evolving globalization, which makes states and people closer to each other and respectively business as well. So, while considering the place for the development we, as usual have to think a bit about money.

The prices for app development in different regions of our world vary radically. For example if you have enough time and desire to develop your application or web-resource on the deep West, you have to be ready for such prices as:

  • USA – $50-200 per an hour;
  • Canada – $45-150 per an hour;
  • Australia – $40-150 per an hour;
  • Western Europe – $45-200 per an hour;

However, there are always lots of other decisions and ways on how to save money and develop your applications on the same level of quality. That decision will be to look for other offshore companies, located in the developing regions of the world, where the field of the information technology seems to be the most fast growing. These regions could be India, South America (Brazil), Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Estonia), Asia (Malaysia, Philippines). So, let me just give you strict and clear numbers on that particular issue:

  • Brazil – $20-60 per an hour;
  • India – $10-40 per an hour;
  • Ukraine – $30-90 per an hour;
  • Estonia – $40-90 per an hour;
  • Philippines – $15-60 per an hour;
  • Malaysia – $20-80 per an hour.

In the end of the paragraph, I can say that the decision on whom to trust and choose depends only on your opportunities, desires, the size of your wallet and the readiness to pay.

Final Word

Taking everything into consideration on that field it is suitable to say, that when you are facing such a question as “how to choose a great web development agency for a startup?”, the best phrase, which can be used to describe the the whole such process may be “It depends”. It depends on various nuances, such as: your capital, ambitions, size of the project and so on. So, the best advice here can be just to be as exact and precise as possible, try to examine and check everything twice and avoid saving money, where it is not suitable, because, as you may know, the miser pays twice, so, just be enterprising and cool-blooded, while making a decision , due to the fact, that from that decision can depend your own future and not only the future of your project. Thus, do not make reckless decisions and may the luck be with you!