When you talk about the web browsing of modern day, CDN is a necessary element of it. It may not be of too much important (although it has proven benefits) on the user side, but the domain owners benefit a lot from it. There are a lot of advantages that come with CDN. Web owners look desperate to ensure that the users get the best experience on their site. Considering that, many web owners look for the CDN providers. However, as they are unsure about what they should opt for, and in the quest of cheap CDN service, they tend to make an unwise choice.

So, before you settle for a CDN, here are certain things that you need to check out. These will help you to make sure that you do not go through any bad experience. It is not only the excellent service that you want; many domain owners want it to be a cheap CDN service too. So, start looking out, and the criteria are given to you below.

The type of CDN

Start with finding the right type of CDN. Many providers only give you a single kind of network to host your site on. However, there are sites that work great with Push CDN, and then there are domains that require Pull CDN for working appropriately. These two types work on various fundamentals and to get the best from a content delivery network; you need to pick the right kind. It usually depends on the traffic that your domain receives and the actions that are carried out.

Connectivity time

How long does it take to establish a connection with the CDN? This factor allows you to calculate the contact time. By this, you can evaluate the quality of the CDN. The solution that takes the lowest time means that it is quicker and can respond to the queries in no time. There may be various connections that need to be established throughout a site. The connectivity time plays a critical role in the loading time.

Response time

The connection is established quickly, and now it is time for the CDN to carter the request and loads your site. Once the connection gets established, the required website is queried, and CDN should be abrupt in solving the query and return the concerned domain with its contents. The faster the response time is, the quicker your website’s loading will be. It is valuable when you talk about the data deployment on your site.


Another important factor that you must consider while searching for the cheap CDN service is the uptime of network. The companies that provide reasonable solution might be using the low-quality equipment. Thus, the server may get down, and if it is down, you cannot enjoy the leverage the CDN provides. Therefore, you need a content delivery network server which is active for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It allows your website to be always up and running, without any downtime to cause unwanted experience at the user end.