Establishing an e-commerce brand can differentiate one online store from the others, it helps the e-commerce business runner to build the customer loyalty and avoid competing on price alone. Branding is something that needs sustained hard work and brilliant strategies. Here are some branding tips for e-commerce store owners.

Sell unique products.

One of the reasons why people like shopping online is that they can easily compare the similar products. Some e-commerce platforms like eBay even show the competitors’ similar products on the bottom of a seller’s listings. In this case, it’s essential for an online store to sell products that can’t be bought from else where. It may need some time to find unique products to sell, but it’s worth it. With appropriate marketing strategies, unique products can bring very considerable profits.

Try to find exclusive product source.

There are multiple ways to get exclusive product source, such as signing exclusive supply contracts with suppliers, cooperating with the independent brand owners and designing the products by yourself. No matter which method an e-commerce seller use, it will ensures that the online store is different from the others.

Use brand upgrading services.

The two tips above may be difficult to apply for the e-commerce sellers who source products from Alibaba. Selling on the world’s largest wholesale platform, the Alibaba sellers have to use the low profit+large order quantity strategy to stay competitive and make money, so it’s clear that they can sell products to both you and your competitors. How to brand an e-commerce business when the products are sourced from Alibaba? The store owners need the help of China based order fulfillment companies. The order fulfillment company in China (such as ChinaDivision) provides brand upgrading services to help the store owner to build a successful e-commerce brand. The service includes customizing product packages, kitting & assembly, adding promotional items in the packages, marking the brand name on the shipping labels, etc. The brand upgrading service will deepen the consumers’ brand awareness and make them be more willing to purchase from one particular e-commerce store.

Increase the brand perception in multiple ways.

In addition to visually improve the brand recognition, there are more methods to increase the brand perception, I mean in the brand spirit. The brand spirit is the thing every big company, including Coca Cola and Nike, spends a lot of money to establish. It makes the consumers feel that they not only purchase the product itself, they are paying for what it stands for. As an e-commerce brand, the first step is to convey the trustworthy and thoughtful brand spirit. Sending gifts in holidays or other special days will show that you care for your consumers and increase your brand perception. There is no need to spend a lot of on sourcing and sending gifts, gift fulfillment service can do it for you. The gift fulfillment service not only provides thoughtful gift sourcing, but also can automatically send the gifts to particular groups of consumers in schedule, send the customer list and holiday list to ChinaDivision, they will send them out in time and give your customers and VIPs a surprise.