Doing something you are truly passionate about and building a sustainable career out of it is a dream come true. You have bills to pay, everybody does. So, earning a living through your passion can be ideal. The transition from doing photography for passion to now doing it as your new found profession can be intimidating in the beginning, but the reward is worth it.

Are you passionate about photography and have been doing it for fun? Well, some good news for you. You can also blend your passion for professional photography. The results will be incredible. However, there are things you need to put in place if this is going to be a success. Here are some ideas that will help you get started.

Get prepared

You hope that against all odds, things will go as you had planned but somewhere along the way you the transition from just passion to passion and career fails to work. Being prepared will help you cope with the situation and find ways to move on. You also need to purchase all the required items now that you will be doing professional photography. Photography gear can be quite expensive, but you can start with what you have and then add as you continue with your profession.

Market your business

When you were doing photography as a hobby, you probably had another job to enable you to pay your bills. Now that you want to blend your passion with professional, you need to be fully committed to your job. This means that you will have to forego other duties. In that case, you have to start seeing your passion as a job as well if it is doing to help pay your bills.

Market your business anywhere you see potential clients. A good starting point should be your social media accounts and your website if you have one. Make sure these platforms are well updated with your 3D model images so that your clients can have something to explore and make their judgment from. People can only know what you do if you display your content in relevant platforms. If you put enough effort, nothing can stop you from becoming a renowned professional photographer.

Apply for side gigs

Since you have been doing photography even without necessarily earning an income, it will not be hard to look some side gigs even if it is just for extra income. This is an awesome way to start growing your photography skills from just passion to a profession. Look for photography communities and contract companies to get such jobs. Utilize the opportunities you will get to build a portfolio with clients. This way, you will soon be doing photography as a professional.

Opt for product Photography

Product photography is becoming increasingly popular and so is the demand for product photographers. The images taken for products require different and high tech gadgets. Ensure to take up a quick course from a reputed trainer or work under and expert’s guidance. Do not consider Product photograph as a usual photo shoot because you will have to ensure every key element of the product is visible with limited scope of editing available. These pictures are further made interactive using techniques like the 3d interactive technology from Threekit so certainly the ones that are uploaded should be top notch. As a product photographer you will have ongoing business from the same provider with new business opportunities coming time and over. It is an excellent option for photographers looking for a steadily. growing career.


Also, there were no rules governing you when you were just doing photography out of passion, and this must have been amazing. However, getting into professional photography, there are certain realities you need to know if you want to succeed. When photography is just a hobby, you do not have the stress and pressure of waiting for the next gig. After all, you have another job to sustain you.

When you now fully involve yourself with photography as a profession, you have to learn to manage your finances, invoices, taxes, and scheduling since this is a business just like any other. You have to stay ready in such a way that when you are called up for a job, you will not fail your client.


When doing photography as just a hobby, you will just take photos for the love of the art and nothing more, but when you start doing it as a profession, you will have to deal with the challenges that come with professional photography. The good news is that when upgrading your photography journey from a hobby to a professional is interesting, and it can be quite rewarding.