Ah, technology.

You brought us instant coffee and the portable devices that dictate the better part of our lives. Or would it be wrong to paint technology drawing from the common luddite fear that it is going to enslave us?

Let’s brush those qualms aside, whatever truth there may be to them and praise technology – the liberator.

Technology has allowed us to move out of our homes and do work on the way to a holiday destination. We dictate the terms of our employment and interestingly – how we enjoy our hobbies.

The iGaming industry is no exception:

It brims with potential. iGaming is now on the go. There’s no need to be stuck at home whenever you want to do a little online betting.

iGaming the Liberator

It hasn’t come as a shock either. The online gambling industry has been adopting. First came the websites and secure transfers over the internet. Then we all wondered – how to make it a notch more exciting? Look:

Operators developed top-dollar games. Playtech, NetEnt, Evolution, they all worked long and hard. And then, we all thought…

Hey, it would be a good idea to have more of the same for our mobile devices, and today – smartphones.
But iGaming encompasses more than a few mere video slots. There’s quite a bit to that, too and poker shouldn’t be overlooked. All flagship studios have sterling poker software suites that allow you to enjoy a beloved game in real time.

And now, dive into the mobile poker sites, with their optimized and user-friendly interfaces.

The Revolution will Be Mobilized

The wheels may be spinning. But it’s only just begun, with the mobile boon having a long way ahead of it. Of course, it will rub off everything, and gambling will see its numbers go up.

No country for old software, developers warn. And they act.

We see the majority of poker suites now clicking beautifully with our smartphones and tablets. Google’s furoric mobile-first indexing is reason enough for swathes of businesses to reconsider how they run matters.

But that’s a story about the importance of the mobile iGaming industry. And yet it has all to do with what we said so far. The mobile segment is going up. It’s organic, it’s vibrant, there’s no pressure.

Everyone is picking their smartphone. You know your cards. Why would you bother with anything else if you can play a few hands on your commute?

Should your gaming take over you? We don’t think so. More importantly…

You don’t think so.

iGaming, Our Only Future

And now there’s no stopping it. The mobile segment will continue to grow and it will outpace any desktop offer. We are all living in the past in a way, every time we sit down on our PC or laptops.

But then again, there will be times when we need to focus and commit for a few hours, winning the events that matter. Online poker has never been more accessible, and we have the mobile iGaming segment to thank for that.