In today’s tech dependant society, being without your mobile phone, laptop or tablet is something that instils panic into the hearts and minds of those who rely on them. Luckily, technology companies are only too aware of this and have tried to alleviate those fears by using collection services to speed up the process of maintenance and repairs.

As technology companies are often located on suburban or out of town industrial estates, they are rarely easy to access and so using collection services has become an integral part of the service they offer and how that service has been speeded up.

Many use Parcel2Go, who have earned a reputation for speed and efficiency and who themselves use a host of impressive digital gadgets and wizardry to make sure items are collected, delivered and returned to customers quickly and thus causing the minimum disruption to their daily routines.

Digital Tablets

Long gone are the days when collection services were somewhat crude in terms of the way their logistics operated. Now, instead of clipboards containing sheets of paper with addresses illegibly scribbled onto them, couriers are issued with state of the art tablets that relay accurate information to them digitally – this significantly lowers the chances of errors being made that could prove frustrating to customers and couriers alike.

The tablets also enable couriers to relay important tracking information back to base and to the client. Tracking information helps give the customer peace of mind and reassures them that their items are being well looked after.

It also helps stop packages being lost and to prevent stressful phone calls from customers who are desperate to know exactly where their item is or when they can expect delivery.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Whilst in transit, drivers use GPS to guide them through busy traffic and to help them avoid spots where accidents have occurred.

GPS has revolutionised the way that parcel collection service companies work and offers of same day delivery and the like, simply would not be possible without the use of GPS technology.

Top Flight Fleets and the Future

Even the vehicles being used to collect and deliver items are now filled with digital gismos and are therefore more reliable.

Electronic parking systems, for example, mean that we are seeing far less in the way of bumps and prangs that are costly and take time to deal with.

Furthermore, we already starting to see the use of drones that can pick up and deliver items even quicker.

In an ever more competitive world, the customer experience has become more important than ever and companies live or die by the feedback they receive – accelerating the time in which it takes to satisfy customers is one way in which they can gather positive feedback.

It is, perhaps, somewhat ironic that the type of digital devices being used by collection service companies are so similar to those devices technology companies are producing and repairing for us.

The devices, that enable us to operate more quickly and efficiently and which we have become most reliant on for both work and for play.