Companies are often very pleased with the idea of using email marketing and social media to gain customers. Firstly it is free to create profiles and send emails, but secondly it reaches a new audience that could potentially buy their products. There are certain techniques that should be applied when using both of these marketing tools, as companies must take full advantage of attracting customers to their website. When customers buy products from a website they will give their details including email address to receive further deals and offers. A company then gets to create a subscriber list that can be used in a number of ways.

What a firm should do is upload the subscriber list to social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. This is great because then a company can find and follow the purchaser online and encourage them to buy further products. Companies will also get to understand the person’s habits and could tailor a package or deal especially for them. If businesses follow somebody on social media that they know has bought their items online they can encourage them to pass on their approval to other people. If they say retweet a message on Twitter from the company then all their other followers will see what they are recommending.

This could increase the amount of people that want to know about the company and may raise web traffic. When using Twitter companies can link their email account to allow the social media platform to scan personal contacts. Once they have created a list then they can target a group of people with adverts that provide information on new content and special offers. Another place that is great for encouraging customers to head to the website is on business and employment social media site LinkedIn. This platform can check contacts or upload a list of people who can be invited to connect with a group or follow the firm’s page.

A company that can help with how to win at providing social media services in Dubai is Digital Arabia. The diligent experts at this wonderful company can help create a superb list of profiles on social media that will attract customers to a website. The impressive consultants at this firm have previously worked with companies in the hotel and fashion industries, so have plenty of experience in providing advice about web design and digital marketing solutions. They can help with email and SMS marketing to engage with an existing customer base. They will ensure that a firm does well on the internet attracting the right type of people.

Uploading subscriber lists is a wonderful idea to connect with existing customers and can be done on Google+ also. It is a slightly different affair when using Facebook as firms should create a custom audience and then run targeted adverts. These paid promotions are great for getting likes on a company’s Facebook page, and will encourage new customers to find out about the firm. A really good tip is for businesses to encourage customers on social media to sign up to a weekly newsletter that will then give companies their email address.