Whether you’re an emerging online retailer or an established business trying to grow your online presence, search engine optimization (SEO) is absolutely critical to your success. It also happens to be one of the most challenging elements of digital marketing, and many businesses have an entire team of people dedicated to it.

SEO best practices may appear overwhelming for those not familiar with them, and with the constant evolution of the internet and our devices, techniques can quickly become outdated. In fact, it’s not even hard to find articles claiming that “SEO is dead”, even though this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

SEO is as relevant as it’s ever been, if not more so, and the following are some of the ways it can improve your business.

Increase your web traffic

Ultimately, the point of any SEO campaign is to bring more users to your site. Effective SEO practices, such as good link building and strategic keywords, will increase your site’s rankings in search engines, which increases the odds that your business will appear at the top of the search results.

While link building is still vital for SEO, practices have changed in recent years. Instead of focusing solely on a high quantity of links, it’s better to provide high quality content with relevant links that will actually help your users. Professional services like Link Graph can help when it comes to creating these.

Improve your user experience

Good SEO practices also lead to a better experience for your users. This is largely because optimizing your site is one of the best ways to increasing your rankings. Users typically know what they want when they’re visiting a site, and the internet has made them used to instant results.

Your goal should always be to get them to their destination as conveniently as possible. A well-organized site with easy-to-read text, a pleasant color scheme, relevant images, and embedded video will go a long way toward a high ranking.

Optimizing for all devices is also a crucial part of providing the best user experience possible. Many sites now exist with two versions: one for desktops and one for mobile devices. Mobile devices have made up a consistently higher percentage of internet traffic in the past decade, so catering to these users must be a top priority.

Always ensure that your text is easy to read on mobile devices and that your users won’t have to zoom in or out on your images or anything else that could harm their experience. Frustrating mobile support is an easy recipe for lost users.

Gain customer insights

Your SEO efforts are also valuable for research about your users and how people in general search the internet. By researching the most common keywords searched in your field, you’ll be able to better adapt your own content to ensure relevancy.

Additionally, this will give you some insight into user intent. That is, you’ll be able to determine what searchers want based on their criteria and create new keywords for your content that better addresses their intent. This way, you can not only adapt your content to start ranking but also improve on the content that already does.

You can also track your most popular pages, videos, and other bits of content on your own site so you’ll have a better idea of how to retain users. Each of these insights will make the overall SEO process much easier.

Limitless potential

Arguably the best thing about SEO is that it’s a long term strategy. Unlike paid advertising spots, the internet is permanent, and so is every improvement and strategy you implement.

You should start seeing positive results in just a few months, and you’ll be able to continuously build on them in the years to come.