Small, medium and large enterprises are recognized as an essential element of development in rich and developing countries, they are a strong argument in favor of promotion and incentive policies designed to maximize their contribution to job creation, economic growth and, consequently, the fight against poverty and social inequalities.

No one questions a reality that is increasingly present in the industry: companies invest in technology and more efficient marketing, implementing, for example, control and strategic development programs, mobile applications, CRM, etc. Increasing investments in technology and marketing, we find that in most cases improves the commercial results of the companies themselves.

The marketing that we know today has united its destiny to the technology, and vice versa. We can not imagine that when presenting the technological development of a product or service, there has not been a strong investment in marketing. Knowing fully there’s some other stuff like gaming that is also boosting technology today; gaming concepts is a true reflection of the boom in business.

How Gaming Is Impacting Technology

With technological innovation moving towards faster servers as well as faster networks, businesses have started to move towards the cloud. The gaming industry like online betting is revealing signs of motion directly towards this trend. Computer hardware has ultimately reached the level in which servers could store and also run resource-intensive video gaming and then transmit all of them across the Web to low-end hardware that could be otherwise incapable of playing the game by itself.

That is a new frontier pioneered, not by well-known industry leaders, but instead by young start-ups with an imaginative and prescient vision for the future. By and large, the technology has also been proven. What’s left would be to see exactly where this technology is going to head as well as how much it would impact the present business landscape.

Most of the problems of consumers and companies are not of a technical type, but of an economic type, therefore we must apply technology and marketing profitably.

In those companies that stand out for the use of technology, it is advisable to take into account the following:

  • Technology must be a resource in the company, with strategic value. Must use.
  • The technology must be used properly
  • Make the most of the potential that technology offers. There are studies that confirm that the level of technology use in businesses does not reach 60% of the possibilities it generates
  • The technology must follow an evolution parallel to the development of marketing that we make and start from the company. We need the technology that is according to the level of marketing that we put into action.
  • Many entrepreneurs consider positive, include the department, person or function of technology in the marketing department so that this function goes to the pace and evolution of marketing and not the other way around. The technology must respond to the demands of the commercial department.
  • Management must support the marketing department. If perhaps there are some other рrіоrіtу іntеrеѕtѕ in thе dіrесtіоn that are nоt satisfying thе сlіеnt оf thе company, thе tесhnоlоgу wіll be an independent function of the marketing and less repercussion

Therefore, the technology presents itself as a clear differentiating value in the commercial results and many organizations are looking for their competitive advantage in a greater technological level.

Marketing And Innovation As An Articulated Gear To Achieve Business

Marketing managers today are experiencing an epidemic of anxiety about innovation. You feel the complexity of the challenges and solutions that are offered. But, unfortunately, a typical response is to focus on technology to be innovative, even though to succeed we must know when and how to use these tools and use them in the right way.

The question then arises: What do we prioritize? Be an innovative company or have the most robust marketing team on the market? The correct answer is None. We must think of marketing and innovation as an articulated gear to achieve business success. The idea is to inoculate culture of innovation in the company and as a result of this come naturally to the marketing strategy.


The Marketing And Technology Impact On Certain Business Success

It was the result of a collaborative effort between areas. Let’s think about Google. Most of us are aware of their bold and unusual approach to innovation. Start by recognizing that innovative ideas come from anywhere. Look for innovations that solve major challenges, such as stand-alone vehicles. They move toward goals by continually innovating, rather than striving for instant perfection.

By the way, Google also uses the latest technology to support its market-focused innovation efforts. The secret is that there is a strong connection between innovation and marketing.


What Do I Do To Give My Clients Greater Advantage?

The marketing team is on the front line. Its role is to know what works, what does not and what will be needed, while the innovation team proposes and develops new ideas and solutions. Businesses have different challenges. The structure and expected results of innovation seem different, but people and ideas must always be put first.


Technology Must Leverage Effort – Not Drive It.

Let’s ask first what happens if? Knowing the needs of our consumers and their pains are key. Let us also ask ourselves What if? And if we provide this type of service would it improve your life? We need data and information but also people who ask the right questions; then we align the technology. Your understanding is critical if we do not know what is possible, then we’ll not know what we can create.


Innovation occurs while people and ideas come together; let us always place ourselves in the place of our clients, marketing and innovation team together. This will awaken the best ideas; we live a moment of optimism for marketing and innovation, we have excellent tools and more and more data to know our customers in depth. We must only activate this understanding and create the conditions that allow us to obtain the benefits of the new technologies of innovation on business.