Members of the younger generation are used to having a vast array of software options available to them straight from their web browsers without any download necessary. Some 10 or 15 years ago, this was still just a pipe dream. For most tasks beyond simple web browsing you’d have to download the software, install it on your PC, and then hope it will work with your configuration.

Development of in-browser technologies changed all of this dramatrically. Nowadays, you can write, draw, calculate, play games, and much more, without ever downloading a single thing to your computer. Those of us who have been using computers for twenty-odd years are still occasionally shocked with things you can do in your browser these days.

The Changing Demographic of Online Gaming

Although you can write and draw using in-browser apps, most people still stick to reliable downloadable software. One area where the in-browser tech has really found its application is the online gaming sector, however. Most people don’t take gaming too seriously, so they just want quick and simple access to their favorite pastimes, and that’s exactly what modern instant-play technologies offer.

Online Poker Finally Catches Up

Online poker, although a bit late to the party, has been catching up with the latest trends. For a long time, online sites like 888 Poker had players who were perfectly happy with downloading their software and installing it on their computers. In-browser technologies were still very young when online poker experienced its boom in the mid-2000s so online poker sites didn’t have to worry about it.

However, as the time progressed and more and more things started to become available in one’s browser, people’s expectations were changing. This was especially true for new generations of players who were contemplating online poker as one of their hobbies. Holding on to hardcore players is usually easy, but attracting new ones requires sites to follow the trends.

Catering to Casual Players is a Necessity in the Poker Industry

For young players, the idea they’d have to download and install the software for the game as simple as online poker seemed strange, to say the least. Many more complex and demanding games are available for play within any browser so if online poker couldn’t meet those standards perhaps it wasn’t even worth their time.

Big players in the market understand that they need to give players what they want if they don’t want to see their profits plummet.

888 Poker is one of the Better Options

One of the companies leading the way in terms of no-download online poker is definitely 888 Poker. They tasked their development teams with creating a fully usable online interface players can access from their browsers.

The final product is quite impressive, especially when we consider that very few online poker sites offer instant play option at all. Playing 888 Poker from your browser isn’t much different to playing via their desktop software. Graphics aren’t as good, but that’s normal because developers focused on speed and functionality, which are far more important for poker players.

Advantages of In-Browser Online Poker

Being able to play online poker from one’s browser is convenient for more reasons than just avoiding the inconvenience of installing the poker software on your computer once. With instant play software, you can log in and play from any computer, anywhere, and you don’t need to have installation permissions or anything like that.

It is also very convenient because you don’t have to clutter other people’s computers with your software. If you are visiting a friend and want to play some online poker, you don’t have to install potentially undesirable (for whatever reasons) software on their machine. You can play from the browser, delete the history afterward, and it’s as if your playing session never happened.

Instant Play Poker is Likely the Future

With the development of in-browser technologies, odds are the downloadable software will become a thing of the past. Within a few years, if the online poker industry continues to grow, of course, we’ll have in-browser client versions that’ll be superior to desktop software.

Even today, developers can deploy some really impressive in-browser games, and 888’s Instant Poker is a good indicator of where online poker is headed. With some more tweaks and adjustments, there is no reason for the online version not to be as good, if not better than the desktop software.