How have casinos kept up with technology

Casinos have very good reasons to utilise as much of the latest technology as they can. As the world continues to get more and more high tech casinos are being put under threat by clever cheaters and thieves and have even found that convincing people to play the games isn’t as easy as it was. So , it is vital that casinos keep on top of the tech industry and there are lots of ways that they have and continue to unlock the full potential of modern technology:

Catching thieves

Thanks to continuously improving technology, there are lots of ways in which casino security has improved and how the thieves can be caught out. For example, a lot of the big casinos are putting RFID transmitters into the chips. These transmitters emit a unique frequency based on their value and when they’re cashed in they’re passed over an RFID reader that will tell if the chip is real or fake. One example of how this came in handy would be at the Bellagio where a massive amount of chips were stolen. To solve the problem and prevent the robbers from cashing in their chips, the casino staff were able to remotely disable the RFID transmitters in the stolen chips. The chips then became worthless since they couldn’t be scanned by the RFID reader and instead of losing possibly thousands of dollars all they had to do was replace the stolen chips.

Catching cheaters

In recent more impressive tech has been put to good use in the casinos to catch cheaters. Biometric face recognition technology scans customers faces when they enter the casino and can almost immediately identify someone that’s been banned or caused trouble in other casinos. This can also be paired with Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness software (NORA). This software can run background checks on suspicious people, discover their identity if they’ve given a fake name and can even tell if people know each other by comparing background information. This technology was designed to prevent organise cheating. Some gamblers (and occasional dealers) work in teams to win big. But, NORA can easily find out any suspicious information and alert the security.

Making casinos accessible and fun for everyone

Getting casinos online was one of the best decisions anyone in the industry could have had and it got even better when they started introducing mobile gambling and casino apps as well as online casinos that you can access from your tablet. Casinos are making the most out of online opportunities and giving players a lot more than just the usual games. Getting online has given a lot of casinos the opportunity to expand their range of betting opportunities. People can bet on the usual sports teams too, but now they can also bet on virtual teams, Esports gaming teams and have even spread out to financial betting. Through websites and apps can also reach out to players and work to improve their gaming experience by giving them useful information, like a guide to blackjack betting systems for example, and can stream sporting events live for players that want to keep an eye on their bets. A lot of offline casinos are also making use of tech, using apps and websites to give their customers deals, take reservations and let customers track their game play results. All this adds up to more people knowing how to play the games and finding more places to play them.