The ultimate success of your website relies on great consumer experience. And design has a huge role in that. In this article, you will see how to use powerful design tools to enhance user experience and have more recurring customers.


The work put into the design of a website can be decisive in bringing new audiences to your website.

In the other hand, the growing demand for information reveals the importance of maintaining relevant content on websites.

But before content, design should be the very first thing to look at. Especially if you deal with fashion labels. This detail has the power to define whether the visitor remains or quickly leaves your website. And that will also decide whether the visitor will become a client or not.

You need to know how to attract and keep the user. And when you are dealing with clothes, it starts with appearance.

Common mistakes like confusing and polluted sites that are hard to navigate are the path to the failure of any online fashion store.

Knowing this, you need to gain user confidence and invest fearlessly into a good design project. Check out some effective actions to create an online store and optimize your audience experience using SITE123.

User Experience

Keeping in mind that the first impression is the one that stays, try to dedicate yourself to achieving a good design.

This element forms the starting point of your business-customer relationship, since it represents the identity of your brand. A good designer puts himself in the user’s shoes to understand what he expects to find on a website, and in what way.

It is necessary to take into account all the experiences that the visitors will have in your online store to optimize their navigation. This includes easy access to information, clear navigation, quick, clean layout and responsiveness.

All these factors will count towards retaining visitors and converting them into customers.

To easily build a website with good design and user experience you can use SITE123. It is the best website builder to find free website templates to help you achieve all the above.

Clean Layout And Easy Navigation

To get started, understand the importance of empty spaces in any kind of layout, including websites. It is unnecessary to fill in all areas with excessive information, images and extravagant colors. You will be already putting pictures of clothes, possibly prices and other information.


The clean aspect facilitates navigation, besides being a place of rest for the eyes. This is also important in the fonts chosen for the content. They should be simple and easy to read.

Your site user should have all the information he needs at hand. This means that the user can go forward and back objectively, without the risk of getting lost and no longer finding the previous content.

At the top of the page, the menu should provide the most important information. These are the main basics of an easy navigation, something that often keeps visitors on a site.

Last But Not Least: Responsiveness

Responsive design promotes the adjustment of a site’s content for all screen sizes and formats, from laptops to smartphones and tablets.

Bad responsiveness can cause slowness, discouraging users from staying on your site. Therefore, responsiveness can no longer be seen as a plus, but as a necessity.

SITE123 takes care of that for you too. With all that at hand, it is time to create your online store!