I’m pretty sure that everyone has already experienced parking their cars for what seems like eternity. There’s always no parking space available, or if there is, it is too difficult to maneuver and get our beloved cars in. By the time you finally parked properly, you already lost so much energy and precious time.

Imagine if you are going to watch a concert and you are an hour late because of parking problems. You lost your chance at the grand opening performance! How about if you are going to a hospital for an emergency? That could be scary.

How we wish that conventional parking will no longer a pain in the rear and will be thing of the past!

Actually, we are slowly entering an era when parking your car just takes a minute. Have you heard of automated valet parking? It is when a car is automatically transported to an available parking space with ease. Cool, huh? It works on parking lots or infrastructure with highly intelligent mechanisms and technology that allow your car to be transported to a space without you moving a muscle. Any infrastructure or parking space that has this technology is stopping the parking lot horrors.

There is a hospitality parking solutions company that has been in the valet parking business for many years and has developed computerized valet parking systems that benefit both the car owners and the establishments they go to. The first and last experience of a customer in hotels, airports, casinos, residential buildings, and other facilities is parking, and with the automated parking technology, the establishments are making a good impression that will surely last.

So, how does automated valet parking work?

Driverless parking

When the car enters the parking facility, there are sensors that calculate the car’s size and looks for a parking space to put that car in. Then, the driver drives the car to a lobby or a box where the he and the passengers get off the car, lock its doors, and then take a ticket or register on a machine. Once the driver or the passengers are already inside the establishment, the lobby door closes and then another door opens where a machine or a mechanism picks up the car to transport to its parking spot.

The technology

 There are several types of technology used in this system. There are facilities that use a robot lifter that lifts the car and wheels it to its place. There are also facilities that have highly intelligent mechanisms that transport the car to different floors and to its parking spot. It is like thousands of gears running together at the same time that allows metal plates to move a car with extreme accuracy.


There are also several designs with the automated car parking system (APS). The designs depend on the type of building and infrastructure. There are underground, vertical, rotating, puzzle-like, and many more. A new technology is on the rise with APS. It is a totally driverless parking system wherein the car actually drives itself to the parking space – the infrastructure is equipped with sensors and cameras to give the APS directions on where to bring the car. This technology does not need robotic lifts and machines to transport the car. The car drives on its own using a complex technology infused in the car’s computer box. It is controlled by an app on your mobile device so you can just tap a button and there goes your car into its parking spot.

Retrieving your car

Getting back your car is doing the steps in reverse. The driver pays the parking fee and enters the exit lobby where the car will be transported back. Once the car is delivered, the lobby doors open so that the driver could enter the car and drive away.

The whole process could only take about a minute; that is super fast! So much faster and easier than the old-school parking we hate. This is what technology could do to people – making our lives so much easier and giving us more time to enjoy and do the things that are more important. This technology is especially convenient for drivers with disabilities – no more time wasted looking for that special parking space that is sometimes occupied by very capable drivers. Automated parking systems are now being developed to a more mind-boggling level for ease and convenience. If one of these days you will see a car running without anyone in it in a parking lot, don’t scream in fear. It’s not supernatural or paranormal. It is just technology at its best.