Searching for new ways to promote your content? Want to increase engagement and sales for your website? But wondering how?

How about adding videos to your content? Videos in content!!! Thinking whether this idea is good or bad. Don’t have any second thoughts this is definitely a great idea.

Videos reach more people than images or text. Don’t you think so?

Videos are part of your social life, only on youtube people watch about 500 million videos per day. Youtube has become a part of life for everyone. You can even save youtube videos to hard drive mac with some amazing tools cool right. Every time you log in to your social media accounts be it Instagram, Facebook you would have seen at least 3 videos for every 5 posts.

Wanna learn how to make pasta or wanna learn a dance routine for your favourite song or wanna see cute cat videos. If you search for a video of your keyword you will find thousands of videos for it. From educational tutorials to DIY videos for every topic, you would find a video that can help you.

So the question is how can we use this increasing marketing trend to promote your business and increase engagement and sales. How is a far end question to know the answer to it? You must know why video marketing is important to increase your sales?

Why Video Marketing?

Videos are interesting and fascinating. Be it for kids or elders everybody enjoys watching them. They have the power to captivate your interest. This is a point for your business, with videos you can keep your audience interested in your brand. Don’t you agree? They convey your brand visions and values in a single video.

A good video can stay in their head for a long time. Why do you think all these big companies spend lots of money on advertisements? They convey their product purpose and familiarise their brand with the audience. So simply put, video marketing is here to stay. It’s about time you start using it in your content. Even surveys say when you include video in your introductory email there is an increase of 51% in lead conversions and a 75% decrease in subscriber opt-outs.

Websites that use video marketing has seen an increase of 80% in the conversion compared to landing pages with no texts. Videos create a trust for your brand and allow your brand to connect with them at an emotional level. And it allows you to reach the audience beyond your niche.

Now coming to the question of how and where to use video marketing in your business. Here are a few pointers on how to use video marketing to increase your sales.

Your Story

Believe it or not, every brand has a story that needs to be told. Combine the power of storytelling with video marketing. You won’t be disappointed with the results. With the help of Videos tell people the story of your brand. In the video talk where all of this has started from, where you got the initial idea of your business, what makes your business unique from your peers. How your business is changing society.

Include videos where your satisfied customers talk. This may build trust in your customers. And also allows them to get to know your brand in a more humanly way. Your sole goal should be to let your customers know your brand’s values.

Social media

Social media is at a peak now. It is nowhere to going down in the next few years. People are engaged in it. Social media acts as a break in their busy lives. So use it say entertained. While others use to promote their business and stay in touch with there customers and prospect customers.

Use the social media power to improve your brand visibility among your audience. People are curious to see what is in the video so they would definitely watch it. If they like it they may even share it to their wall, which creates a great chance for your brand to attract new customers.

Post videos of your products, events or share your success stories with them. Ask them to send your satisfied customers to send video talking about your brand and how they are satisfied with it. Post it in your wall and tag them this may help you gaining the trust of your prospect customers planning to buy your products.

Create a youtube channel for your brand and post videos in it. Do live streaming on Facebook, Instagram to make any announcements. Use every opportunity to get to promote your brand and get more lead conversions.

Make tutorials, unboxing type of videos

Your business may be related to any industry. Making videos is an excellent way to stay in touch with your audience. Simply, it’s just that whenever you post a video it’s like giving them a reminder of your brands activities. You can make videos like tutorials if your an educational institute or you can make unboxing videos of your products. You can make videos on how to take care of your products and discuss technical problems. Make videos that your audience is interested in watching.

Email Videos

Share your videos with your clients and customers. Every person in your email subscription list may not be following your brand on social media sites. So send them email embedded with your videos. If you can’t at least send them your URL via email. There are video tracking software tools that will assist you and inform to post videos at times that can drive maximum traffic. You can even add videos in your email campaigns. Statistics show that emails with video content improve your CTR, increase lead conversion rates and reduce unsubscribes. You can send videos from your youtube channel also.

There are so many inexpensive ways in which you can use video marketing to promote your content. Make sure that your videos have good quality. Make videos in proper lighting and use background score that doesn’t dominate your video but plays along with it. Not everyone likes spending lots of time watching videos. So keep them short and sweet.

Don’t use strong language, use a language that your audience is comfortable with. Provide English subtitles in case your making videos in your regional language. Make sure that your videos are SEO optimised and don’t forget to add a call-to-action at the end of it. Use all these methods reach new customers and create a loyal audience base and improve engagement on your website and sales.