You’ve probably heard it many times by now, and we’ve said it a few times ourselves, but in the world of affiliate marketing, the rule of ‘go niche or go home’ still applies. But how do you know which niche to choose? Simple! Just read this article containing all the information you need to know about the hottest niche verticals to promote in 2018.


While it may seem that Crypto has taken a bit of a dive this year after the Bitcoin bubble burst in January, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still interested. What’s more, there are plenty of verticals available that enable people to make a profit off of rises and falls in Bitcoin prices.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are still hot, and plenty of people still want to get involved in cryptocurrencies.

Usually marketed as ‘get rich quick schemes’, cryptocurrency trading platforms are the bread and butter of the black hat world, but with a bit of honest marketing, there’s no reason why they couldn’t also be white hat.

Crypto offers target a similar audience to casino verticals (see below) and, as a result, you should see good results when using the same angles for both. Of course, it’s always best to split test and make changes wherever necessary.


Casino and Gambling Apps are really popular, and the promise of easy money fast is too much of an allure for some people to pass up. The market is currently ripe for targeting new customers in this area, and new deals are becoming available daily.

Thanks to the popularity of online casino platforms, there are a lot of very high paying offers available that can be promoted in most countries, with some offering up to $200 for each deposit made.

Casino sites are also great if you are already tackling the cryptocurrency as the target audience are very similar in both cases. This means that any angles you use with one should, in theory, work in the other.


Everyone wants to look and feel their best and why shouldn’t they? Now is your chance to offer them the opportunity to do just that, with some awesome Nutra verticals. This niche is really broad and allows you a lot of room to experiment and adjust until you find the offer that’s right for you.

Nutra covers many areas including:

  • Weight-loss
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Male and Female Enhancement products
  • Skincare

And many more!

If you can think of a problem someone may have with shape, size, weight, skin etc. then the chances are that there’s a product out there to help people deal with it. This gives you the opportunity to specialise and review in these areas. What’s more, if you can create a website people trust and gain a loyal following then, as new products regularly come onto the market, you can review them and give your customers up-to-date news on which products are the best.

Another great benefit of promoting Nutra products is that people actively seek them out. If you can answer people’s questions and get yourself up the Google rankings, then you can make some serious money.

Nutra is a continually growing vertical with a vast number of offers and great ROIs. What’s more, many companies allow for white-labelling, meaning you can give your customers the impression that they are getting a truly unique product from your site.

Dating and Adult

The dating and adult markets are hot in more ways than one! The difference between the two is that dating sites are traditionally more vanilla and for people seeking long-term meaningful relationships. Adult, on the other hand, is more for meeting sexy singles in your area for random hookups.

Because many dating sites are white label products, you can be experimental with who you choose to target, and you can aim at pretty specific niches. Try not to be too specific though as you might struggle to find many dwarves seeking amazons and vice versa. It’s perhaps best to tackle a wider range of people who have a special interest, like video gaming or cycling. By doing this, you target a wide audience who automatically feel included.