A hotel needs to think about its long term future and the temptation to spend to achieve should be curbed. Great revenue management only comes when a firm really knows what guests want from them. The customer journey is vital as companies can learn a lot from what attracts people to a website. The travel industry is packed full of hotel firms who all offer something unique and businesses need to tap into what makes them special. This should be advertised to customers who want to learn about what a company has to offer. They may be searching for somewhere with a top spa or excellent business facilities.

Customers have something in mind and they want to learn about what hotels have at their properties without putting in too much effort. They could obviously use a third-party OTA (online travel agent) website such as Trivago, Kayak and TripAdvisor to find a residence. This is obviously not great for a hotel as they want consumers to book directly on their site so they do not have to pay commission fees. Companies have to factor in these costs when setting up a business and should really find ways to encourage customers onto their site. They can do this through loyalty schemes or by offering special deals to potential guests.

They need to also think about how to get members of the public into their hotels out of season. They have to make sure that they put certain promotions out there at the right time to catch the attention of travellers. The cost of paying third-party websites is not great in the long run and hotels need to find other ways of advertising their property. For instance social media is a wonderful way to engage customers and all accommodations should definitely sign up for Twitter and Facebook. They should also encourage hotel managers to create online profiles on such destinations as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

This is great for interacting with the public and providing the opportunity for real-time chats. What a hotel company really needs to think about what their unique selling points are and advertise them through the website content and social media. It could be that the property is based close to a main road that leads to other major cities and towns. It may be that the hotel is perfect for families or business professionals, so customers should know about this. What is vital for a hotel company to do in order to thrive is to have a beautiful website that offers plenty of engaging content and a fantastic online booking engine that is easy to use.

There is plenty to learn from the delightful workers at World Hotel Marketing that are happy to help get any firm into a better position. There are many techniques to improve the fortunes of a hotel business including a fabulous website and a brilliant social media presence, which both work to create a fabulous brand. It is also through great revenue management that a business becomes a successful company. Companies must definitely employ the amazing experts at World Hotel Marketing to make their firm a better place to help raise revenues.




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