Nowadays smartphones have become an important part of our lives and we cannot imagine our life without it. From waking in the morning to going to the bed at night, we use our smartphones for almost everything.

However, smartphones fail when it comes to privacy. We have basically got a tracking device which ping on network towers and connecting on GPS satellites. Tracking cookies, usage statistics, and advertisement IDs follow us around the internet but it hardly bothers us. Nevertheless, many people want to secure their privacy and demand a high level of security with their smartphones.

Therefore, let us discuss that what are the parameters we should consider while buying a phone for security and the top 5 smartphones for high security all over the world.

Security features

  • Encryption: There are two types of encrypting technology and they are File-based encryption (FBE) or Full disk encryption (FDE). File-based encryption gives you the advantage of locking every single file with different keys while Full disk encryption only allows you lock full data partition. Therefore, File-based encryption (FBE) is more reliable and safe.
  • Biometrics: The basic idea of introducing fingerprint sensors to the smartphones was that it was easier to use so more and more people will use this security feature. However, there is a drawback that once your biometrics are stolen then you cannot change it as a password and making them compromised permanently.
  • VPN: When you need to reroute your internet traffic through an external server and surf the internet anonymously then Virtual Private Network or VPN is what you need. In Android devices, you can easily use a VPN to redirect your internet traffic. However, in iPhones, you can only use VPN over a Wi-Fi.
  • Data wiping: Some smartphones have a feature of automatically wiping all of your data and factory resetting your device if there are too many attempts of fail logging into your device. If it is enabled then your data will surely be safe from intruders.
  • Internet access for applications: If you don’t your applications to send your data and violate your privacy without your permission then the option of blocking internet access per app is a blessing. In Android, it is possible with the use of setting up local VPN but in iPhones, it is easy to disable internet access for an app. However, disabling Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible.
  • Separate user accounts: Many of the users want to separate their personal account and professional account on their smartphone. To maintain the privacy of it the data from both of these accounts need to be encrypted & sandboxed differently and this feature is easily available on Android devices.

Top 5 high-security smartphones

After keeping above security features in mind here are some smartphones which deliver a high level of security to keep your data safe from intruders. These smartphones are priced and heavily but you can check out the ongoing Flipkart big billion days offers on mobiles to buy these smartphones. Have a look at these secure mobiles below:

BlackBerry DTEK50:

BlackBerry has never failed us on the security parameters. This Canadian company claims for making most secure Android devices for individuals as well as enterprises. For automatically monitoring of the applications and operating system, this phone has a periodic application tracking feature. This phone also has the feature to detect that when your privacy is at risk and how can strengthen it. It also has a password keeper app which acts as a vault for all your passwords at one place and can be opened by only one password which is with you.

The smartphone hosts a 5.2 inches FHD scratch resistant screen with a Snapdragon 617 processor and a 13 MP camera at the back.

Boeing Black:

Boeing black is the result of joint venture between two companies. The defense and aerospace giant came along with BlackBerry to manufacture this mighty smartphone. It has the unique feature of self-destruct, which means if someone tries to open or break your phone then all of your data and software from the smartphone will be wiped out. Thus, saving your privacy from intruders and keeping it safe. These smartphones are mostly used by the government agencies and businessman where security of the data is the utmost priority.

This phone comes with 5.2 inches screen, a dual-core 1.2 GHz A-9 processor and a small 1590 mAh battery to power it up.

BlackPhone 2:

BlackPhone 2 is manufactured by a company called Silent Circle which runs on company own SilentOS. Although this SilentOS is skinned over Android, it enhances the phone’s privacy and many more features related to user’s data protection. The main feature of this OS is Enterprise Spaces feature which allows the user to make separate virtual entries on one device. The company claims to give fastest vulnerability management with raising vulnerabilities with 72 hours of detection of the threat.

A 5.5 inches FHD display, Corning Gorilla Glass, an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a 13 MP rear shooter are its main specifications. Whereas the updates are directly rolled out through Silent Circle without any delay or lags.

Turing Phone:

The company claims that this phone is unbreakable and it is. This Turing Phone is made up of an alloy of zirconium, copper, aluminum, nickel, and silver which is called Liquid-morphium. For high-level security features and end-to-end encryption, this phone comes with Turing’s own UI over Android 5.1 Lollipop.

We get a 5.5 inches full HD screen and a 2.5 GHz Krait processor to handle everything smoothly and with ease. This phone also ensures whole day battery backup with its 3000 mAh Lithium-ion & non-removable battery.


Apart from being a high-security smartphone, this phone by Israeli startup Sirin Labs is potentially the most expensive smartphone in the world. This phone offers the most improved security solutions apart from agency world. It has a 256-bits AES encryption which is similar to the country’s defense system. There is a physical switch at the back of this phone which enables the security systems within this phone.

This smartphone sports a 5.5 inches IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. It also has a 23.8 MP camera at its back and this phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.

Conclusion: Security and smartness is not to be altered in any way. These smartphones are built on the idea of exquisite security features which focuses on delivering what the consumer prefers. With these quick features, your privacy and security get assured. Have the premium access to the technology which demands uniqueness and exclusivity.