The best time to sell is when the customer wants to buy something, do you agree? Boosting your sales is simpler than you imagine if you use digital marketing. The internet offers a variety of tools, which allows you to create very effective strategies from written articles to video production. It’s available 24/7 for everyone. Web advertising is effective, cheap and ecological. Multiply your sales possibilities giving you the full potential of the global market. Do you want to see your company grow? Begin by following these simple tips:


One of the most powerful tools in the digital world, are social networks. Through them, you can publish any content. They are easy to handle and free. Also, your advertising will always be visible. They offer exclusive options for companies too. If you create an ad campaign on a network, you can segment the market by age, preferences, location, and other characteristics, increasing your effectiveness in your target market.

But don’t limit yourself. On the internet, there are many tools to advertise: web pages, landing pages, blogs, or email campaigns. There will always be some that work best for your potential market: the product or service you sell or what you need to show for your customer.

Think About the Content

The varied, trendy and relevant contents captivate a potential client. Be creative avoiding publishing only products, services and prices. Take advantage of all the digital tools so your target market knows how your goods or services can help them. The more creative, relevant, interactive and entertaining the content, the more chances you’ll have to get leads.

Informative content makes the customer feel that he is making the right decision when buying. This will give you authority and credibility, and allow your customers to feel confident. Create informative articles (always with pictures). If you want to generate more impact be sure to include video productions, it has the ability to magnify the customer experience. Social networks like YouTube are the ones that have grown the most in recent years.

Generate the Strategies

With the right approach, you can achieve your goals faster. When a potential customer needs or wants to buy, he may have some questions about what he really needs. If your web page, blog or social network guides him, he’ll be grateful and probably buy according to what you refer. Avoid becoming an infomercial, insisting too much on your brand or making them feel forced.

Remember that enjoying is part of the shopping. Instead, you can refer to other articles on the same subject on your website. Use phrases like “Share this”, “for more content follow us” or “subscribe, it’s free”. Offer them a virtual gift (it can be a little e-book, an app, a ringtone that you have created) in exchange for their emails.

The power of the email campaign

Getting the customer to follow you, subscribe to you or leave their email, is vital for tracking them. Emails are the most significant digital sales force. It facilitates the success of your strategy giving you direct contact. If you get a user to email you voluntarily in exchange for a gift, you can continue sending information, reminders, promotions, and offers. Send them something new frequently, but no more than once a week. It’ll help you capture new customers, and keep close to those already captivated. In some countries sending unsolicited information to a third-party email account without the owner’s authorization is a computer crime, the famous spam. Avoid this.

Measure the results

Analyzing the digital data is much simpler than you think. Most web platforms and all social networks have standard automatic systems. They generate by themselves statistics about the number of visits, registrations and acceptance percentages. This way they let you know how often clients visit you, and which of your publications they like best. Some even give you promotional options if some of your content stands out of the rest. This can help you to know clearly what things customers like the most. If you use these statistics in your favor, you will determine better content each time, multiplying users and reaching more leads.

We highlight that when you try to sell something online, the interaction with the customer is the most important. Pay close attention to your target market, especially what they enjoy. Remember that the likes, subscriptions, and emails you receive will depend on the quality and quantity of content you post. Focus more on images and video productions, since these will help you get more followers and potential customers.

Using a website, a blog or social networks is always cheaper than having 24-hour employees. Also, it allows you to broaden your market horizons. Now that you know how to grow your business with the help of the internet then get ready to enter the digital world through the big door!