When phones are ringing incessantly, it is time to hang up on those telemarketers. Telemarketers not only target individual numbers, but also get your information from your online business listing or profile. While you can sometimes be asked to be taken off their calling list, not all spam callers comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC’s) mandates.

SEO expert Jack Lombardi launched Dollar Digits this past July to help small businesses improve their bottom line and avoid the incessant calls that come with listing business numbers online. The downloadable second phone number app gives smart phone users the means to hang up on telemarketers for good.

How it Works.

By downloading Dollar Digits free three day trial, users are able to select a second phone number for their phone. Like the number provided by their carrier, this phone number includes calling, texting, and picture messaging capability. Users of Dollar Digits are able to select a phone number with their state’s area code. Business owners can list this number on their website, individual users can use the number to call friends and family members.

When Marketers Call

Once the phone number falls victim to telemarketers, the next step is simple. Open the Dollar Digits app on your phone, select the phone number, and delete! While your Dollar Digits phone number was available for advertising calls, your personal number remains private and out of public listings.

One Phone Two Numbers

After deleting your Dollar Digits phone number, you can reselect a new number to use for public listings. Dollar digits allows phone users to download more than one phone number – choose between different numbers for a variety of purposes.