There are different opinions across the gaming communities of the world regarding what is necessary for an amazing gaming experience. Your setup or, gaming rig, as it is also referred to, can feature many things or be very simplistic, but it mustn’t be missing some core elements. If you are looking to create your gaming setup or refreshing your current one, here is what you need to pay attention to the most.

The chair

Some of you are probably confused and think that the chair is some metaphor for one of the computer’s most important internal components. Nope, the chair is just the chair, but it’s way more than “just” the chair. What you’re sitting on plays a very important role on how you enjoy yourself while playing video games. You need to be able to sit comfortably for the extended period. Using a plain old wooden chair with barely any back support might keep you from falling on the ground, but nothing much past that.  Only a perfect chair designed for gaming will be able to uphold your standards and even to help you immerse in the story or tension of your game. That’s why you must take the time and look for the top gaming chair for PC.

The screen

The display represents another one of the founding pillars of a gaming rig. It is crucial that you have the adequate display or displays in case of a multi-screen setup. Now, what defines a great screen can differ across many comparison criteria and even needs. It’s not all about getting the biggest screen in the store, of buying the most expensive one because it says 4K on the sticker. There’s much more to it than that. It’s also a matter of choosing a size that will make it easy to enjoy viewing content on the screen and won’t strain the eye. How far away from the display you sit during gaming is very important here. Depending on how up close and personal you like to get, you might be better off with a smaller display.

The environment

Just like you can’t have a clown magic act in a church or a wedding in a circus tent, you can’t just game anywhere and expect it to feel natural or embracing. Setting up the mood for your gaming session makes a world of difference and making sure your bedroom or gaming room looks the part is essential. Invest in some ambient lights and surround sound that will help you immerse yourself to the fullest and be part of the game you’re playing. You don’t need 3D to feel like you’re right there, side by side with the characters. You can use smart lighting and sound management to bring more depth into your gaming experience.