WordPress is now powering nearly about 25% of all existing websites on Internet now. Those who own WordPress sites are not simply random bloggers, but includes a large number of world’s top corporate business houses too like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, The New York Times Company to name a few.

You may often learn about free WordPress themes and the major attraction for anyone coming on to this platform is its offer to build a free website on WordPress. However, many of the users pay to get better results. There is an option to use the premium WordPress themes with a lot of add-on features coming at a cost. There is another option to develop custom WordPress themes too if you are bit code-savvy. So, how to choose between these two options and how to go ahead with your choice? Let’s explore.

Free WordPress themes vs. premium themes

When free downloadable themes are the simplest way of building your website at almost free of cost, those who would like to spend additional $50 to $100 to purchase a premium theme can enjoy more flexibility and better stability than the baseline themes. In fact, it is not mandatory to go premium if you to get the best as many of the most powerful websites till standing high on custom WordPress themes.


WordPress theme structure

WordPress sites can be split into two categories as:

  1. PSD to WordPress converted ones, which are custom built based on user requirement, and
  2. Theme based sites, which are implemented out-of-the-shelf with pre-set WordPress themes.

What is referred to as a “theme” by any Houston TX SEO company developing WordPress sites is a prefabricated collection of templates which construct the visual elements of a web page, often integrated with functional plugins to meet various purposes of the website. You can download a theme which you like and can simply replace the content and images with yours, and you have an instant site in hand.


Custom WordPress theme

A custom WordPress site a one-off unique theme, in which a WordPress developer creates a page template and functionality according to the design files and specifications of a particular site. These customized designs can also make by mimicking the existing themes, but it always needs not have to. Most of those who choose custom designs want to make the web design unique and fully adapt to the requirements of the clients.


A couple of myths busted

#1: Custom themes don’t get updated with new releases

This is a wrong assumption as most of the WordPress updates related to bug fixing, or security are core updates, which are not affected by the outer layers you add on top of the custom page templates. However, by sticking to the most popular plugins, you can keep the risks of malfunctioning and hack at bay to an extent.


#2: Custom site development is more expensive than theme-based building

It may be so in some cases, and for companies with a very stringent budget, themes may be an option. But, over time custom building can turn out to be more cost-effective for you even if there is an initial investment to be made.

So, to choose between custom WordPress themes and premium themes is purely a personal choice based on the resources available and your budget.