Serial entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Agam Berry is the co-founder of Quantified Commerce, a full-service media agency that takes advantage of creative strategies to achieve real growth and success on eCommerce campaigns.

Mr. Berry uses data analytics, proven digital marketing techniques, and vertical integration to gain a competitive edge. Berry received his bachelor’s degree from Punjab University in 2010 and since then has been making his mark in the fields of digital marketing, analytics, and eCommerce campaigns targeting a variety of global markets.

1) What’s been the biggest accomplishment of your career so far?

Growing Quantified Commerce is currently the biggest accomplishment that I can think of. While I have always played supporting roles when it came to helping clients grow their own businesses, it’s a different feeling now that I am growing my own company.

It feels like there is more at stake, and I see the company as a community of people working towards a common goal. It comes with a pretty heavy responsibility, but seeing Quantified Commerce grow to be one of the most trusted eCommerce marketing companies out there makes all the hard work worth it.

2) What’s your favorite tools and resources to support your role or team at Quantified Commerce?

This may seem surprising, but lately, I’m seeing how valuable video is for any digital marketing campaign. I think that any business that wants a successful campaign needs to incorporate video and other types of rich media if they want to attract their target audience.

Video can help you feed the audience’s need for instant gratification and personal connection. Aside from that, LinkedIn is an indispensable tool that I use on a daily basis. It helps me get in touch with old and potential clients, other industry experts, and new employees.

3) What business leaders, past or present, have inspired you to become a leader?

Steve Jobs is number 1 on my list for leadership inspiration. Her was able to create a company that continues to revolutionize the tech industry in so many different ways and that is an amazing feat. His ability to inspire people to deliver their best is a leadership trait that I aspire to have.

4) How do you relax in your free time?

I love playing chess. It’s a great way to stay mentally fit and it’s a convenient hobby given my busy lifestyle. Chess allows me to slow down and just enjoy being in the moment even if it’s grabbing a few minutes to play online. Lately, I’ve begun taking chess more seriously, studying more about playing techniques so I can take my game to a whole new level.

5) What’s next for you and your team at Quantified Commerce?

Expanding employee education opportunities at Quantified Commerce is the next step for the company. We are doing this with our learning management system which is handled by a dedicated team responsible for creating educational content.

Employee education is a feature that draws employees to a company which means that it can help us attract and retain the best and brightest employees. We have seen how adequate employee education keeps skills current and gives them better opportunities for growth. It also helps keep them engaged. This has a direct correlation to employee productivity and any company benefits from that.

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