Gabe Newell On the Success / Failure of VR, and some Half-Life Updates

– We think VR is great. It continues in a way that’s just in  line with our expectations, said Valve chief Gabe Newell when meeting with a group of reporters, last week. At the same time he added something unexpected:

– We are also quite comfortable with the possibility that VR could become a major failure.

A statement becomes particularly striking in the context of that Valve is one of the leading figures in the growing virtual reality market. This is because they stand behind the VR-headset HTC Vive and own half the technology that operates it.

– We are still in the starting-blocks for this. Vive is the most expensive headset on the market and is barely able to do a serviceable job of delivering a virtual reality experience, said Gabe Newell in a way very uncharacteristic of a  businessman, but no less in line with his previous sincerity. Worth noting is that Valve is not a listed company, and has therefore no shareholders to answer to.

Newell compares the VR experience to when people bought first PCs in the mid 80’s, without really knowing what they would like to achieve with them.

– Some have received attention by saying that there will be sold millions of VR headsets with your personal computer. We do not really believe it. I can not point to any single content in this that would get millions of people to change the setup of their home computers.

Gabe Newell and Valve is also no stranger to risky investments. Among others their the digital gaming service Steam was sentenced as a complete  failure when it was released in 2003. Today, the service is estimated to have around 150 million users.

For now works Valve also three full VR games for HTC Vive which so far are secret. Could we perhaps see a New Half-Life 😉 Or maybe something completely different, like a Slots – game.

Valve boss Gabe Newell attended a question and answer session on Tuesday evening on Reddit, where he spoke widely on various topics.

Not surprisingly, there were several on-site wondered about Half-Life 3, the mythical sequel to the more than ten years old Half-Life 2, which is a recurring obsession for the Internet gaming fans. When asked if the game was in development or killed, as anonymous online sources claimed, he gave no more than cryptic reply.

– The number three may not be mentioned, he said, jokingly.

– I believe myself and all unconfirmed anonymous sources on the Internet.