If you examine some of the biggest pain points for modern businesses, consistent content creation is often at the tops of the list.

And why not? Between hiring writers and coming up with fresh article ideas, it can be incredibly difficult to stand up against your competition when it comes to content.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a matter of if but how much when it comes to content creation. After all, if you aren’t doing everything in your power to rank for keywords and engage your audience through blogging, you’re potentially leaving traffic on the table for your competition.

If you’re curious to know how your content stacks up against competing sites, you may want to check out Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer to figure out whether or not your site is ticking all the boxes in regard to killer content.

Not crazy about the results? Unsure how to move forward? Fear not.

Thankfully, beefing up your content may be easier than you think. Instead of stressing over what your competition is doing, take control of your own content strategy and keep the following tips in mind.

Create More Content. Period.

Sometimes you can’t avoid putting in the legwork and creating more on-site content.

There is no hard answer as to “how much” content your site needs. That being said, if you feel like you’re looking up at a blogging giant, figuring out how to move forward with your content marketing can be incredibly daunting.

Regardless, you should make written content a priority as means of growing your organic search presence. However, consider a “quality over quantity” approach that ensures that you get the absolute most out of each piece versus just writing posts for the sake of it.

Think about what your audience really wants and what types of information would solve the problems of your prospects. Such pain points can serve as huge inspiration for your blog.

Target More Long-tail Keywords

Simply put, you can stop punching above your weight when you start focusing on long-tail keywords and phrases (think: more than four terms) instead of tackling terms you can’t hope to realistically rank for. While such phrases may result in trickling traffic, you can quickly grow streams of new leads over time and build an audience of highly targeted visitors.

Diversify Your Content

Using the “80/20” principle of content creation, you can benefit from diversifying your content beyond simple blog posts. For example, consider how you can repurpose just about any post through the following avenues:

  • Turning your blog posts into vlogs on YouTube
  • Making infographics through your business’ data and case studies
  • Creating e-books using blog posts and using them as lead magnets

The more you diversify your content, the more likely you are to generate meaningful leads over time.

More Action Above the Fold

Finally, consider how many content creators overlook formatting when it comes to creating content. You need to do everything in your power to grab the attention of your readers; therefore, make sure you have plenty of action going on above the fold to reel them in.

From catchy headlines to eye-popping imagery, your ultimate goal should be to lead your readers straight to your call to action versus just having them bounce off the page.

Small tweaks and smarter promotion are key to making your content stand out. Regardless of the scope of your business and its blog, the aforementioned tips may be exactly what you need to break through the SERPs and really start growing your audience.