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The most popular club tournament among fans is the Champions League, which, for the previous 3 seasons, was won by Real Madrid. Now, many fans and experts do not believe that the Meringues will once again be able to repeat their triumph. Indeed, after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the team lost its stable performance both in the domestic and international arenas. The team demonstrates the football the fans are counting on only occasionally.

At the same time, Real Madrid managed to qualify for the playoffs without any problems. Now, the team is in the zone of the Champions League in the national championship, so it’s still too early to disregard them. Sports betting 1xBet provided is a great opportunity to start earning thanks to the performance of your favorite club.

In 2019, Real looks better, which is not surprising, because the team has everything it needs for further progress.Bet live football since the site offers a wide variety of events from the world of various championships. Now, everyone can start making money on them.

Real’s Advantages of Rivals

The fans don’t have serious expectations from the team; this can be beneficial to the Meringues because this time almost no one expect anything from them. In such conditions, there is no hard psychological pressure, which helps the team to relax and show their best football. Real’s trumps in the long term include:

  1. Great selection of players. The club has the top players in each of the lines, which allows the coach to skillfully shuffle the lineup providing the age leaders with some rest occasionally.
  2. High level of individual skills. Here, everything is obvious — the Meringues are full of players who can actually decide the fate of the match singlehandedly.
  3. Since the Royal Club will definitely not win anything in the Primera, the team can fully focus on the Champions League. The previous season was marked with the obvious triumph of the Meringues.

Real has repeatedly, even during the current season, proved that it has a strong character and is capable of new accomplishments. It is quite possible that the current season will also go down in the history of the Meringues and will become the beginning of a new triumphal series. Bet live –, this is a great opportunity to make money on the success of the team.