Making sure that your staff are happy at work is key to a productive working environment. Research has shown, you’re more likely to complete tasks at a higher standard if you’re motivated to do it.

For that reason, business owners and HR managers will always be looking for ways to improve their employees’ wellbeing at work. This refers to their internal happiness, as well as their physical health.

Luckily, certain initiatives can be rolled out through the workplace to combat stress and illness. By doing this, your staff will be encouraged to be productive – and more importantly, enjoy their time at work!

In this article, we’ve shared five initiatives that you can implement alongside an Employee Assistance Program to help combat employee health issues at work, along with the benefits that staff satisfaction can have on your organisation:

1. Bring healthy food into the office

Keeping your employees happy, starts with their health. For that reason, it’s a good idea to bring healthy food into the office, such as cereals, fruit and other snacks.

Food with good nutrition has been proven to boost people’s concentration and memory. Beneficial for staff who have stressful jobs that require a high attention to detail, these qualities can also help to improve their productivity and keep them on-task throughout the day.

2. Offer gym memberships

Along with offering healthy food, you may want to consider offering gym memberships to your staff. This, combined with the healthy food brought into the office, can be a fantastic way to encourage healthier lifestyles!

Check your local gym to see if they offer corporate memberships. Many will provide discounted quotes or offer a set number of memberships for an overall monthly fee. Even if you don’t use the service yourself, you can get peace of mind by knowing that you’re offering this benefit to your employees.

3. Ensure staff take their lunch

A lunchtime break is a mandatory offering for all businesses. However, many staff skip their lunch breaks in favour of catching up on their work. This can be detrimental to your staff and your company in the long-term because the employee could feel pressured or over-worked.

You could reward your staff with special lunches on occasions where they’ve hit their targets or shown good performance, to give them additional job satisfaction.

4. Plan staff outings

Sometimes, the best way to give your staff the break they deserve is to plan time out of the office – and it shouldn’t only be done at Christmas. In fact, fun activities such as escape rooms and team-building days can help to keep them fit, while also boosting staff morale.

Think about planning staff activities that require some form of teamwork or challenge. It’ll get their brains working and allow them the opportunity to get to know their co-workers outside of the working environment. This will boost their happiness when they get back to the office. After all, it’s much more fun when you’re friends with the people you work with every day.

5. Encourage regular breaks

Sitting at a desk all day is not great for your health.  Not only will it put your staff at-risk of repetitive strain injury, but there’s also a potential risk of contributing to poor mental health issues at work.

A great initiative for improving their wellbeing is to encourage staff to take regular breaks.. Offering them time outside of the office can help to clear their mind. On their return, they’ll be refreshed and ready to get back to work.

As you can see, boosting employee wellbeing at work is a fantastic way to improve the happiness and company culture that you’re offering as an employer. For guidance on how to implement these initiatives, get in touch with an employee well-being specialist.