Choosing Between Aesthetics and Functionality

If you enjoy playing diverse slot machines online, then, naturally, you want to find a slot, which can reward you with loads of wins. Usually, choosing a great slot has nothing to do with numbers and payouts – we choose games because we like playing them. However, amusing yourself with a great slot machine may be a much more entertaining hobby if you are winning real money prizes.

Nowadays, beginners may get confused choosing from literally hundreds of diverse online slots. For example, Betsafe casino offers players more than five hundreds of different games, excluding games with live games and roulette games. No wonder that such a diversity may complicate one’s search. Thus, let us examine a few features of great slot machines, which may ward you with both adrenaline and wins!

 How to Get the Most Promising Slot Machine

So, to find a slot machine with satisfying features, it is recommendable to pay attention to the following options:


If great wins are your number one priority, you should examine the payout rating of the chosen slot machine. Surprisingly, the simplest slots may reward players with the best payouts, whereas their innovated analogues are not always superior. It is also worth mentioning that relatively small payout ratings of some new slot machines should not cause distrust. Usually, the lion’s share of players sticks to their favourite games, which means that the newest slots may have an audience that is too small. Wait a few days before estimating a new hit in order to get objective figures. In addition, players’ reviews can be very informative for those who seeking for the best slot machine.



In fact, nine out of ten modern slot machines contain at least few bonus rounds or lucky wins. This means that you must not necessarily hit a jackpot to raise some money – lucky combinations of symbols may bestow you some costly wins regardless of your score. Thereby, it is wiser to choose those slot machines, which are loaded with extra trophies, if all other features are relatively equal.


These slot machines allow players to multiply their wins by stacking special wild symbols. Moreover, wilds can be gathered on different reels, which allows gamblers to operate with great blocks of extra symbols. Thus, it is not necessary to learn all existing winning combos – all you need to get a prize are a few wilds. It is small wonder that these slot machines are incredibly popular among players from all corners of the globe! In fact, these slot machines even displace the classic slots (for example, the lion’s share of outstanding slot machines is occupied by these games).

In summary, if you are interested in great wins, you should select slot machines with positive reviews, high payouts (at least 95%) and special bonus options. There are many other strategies, but this approach works perfectly for all the beginners.