There are many sources where you can find free horse racing tips to use to our advantage when placing a wager on a race. Knowledge is power in the world of betting on horse racing events which are why having the best supply of excellent information to help you decide who to back is the greatest way to beat bookmakers. Below are the best free sources to find expert horse racing tips.


Getting information in real-time is key to placing the best bets. Twitter is an excellent place to get free data and tips on any horse racing event you wish to bet on. You can either follow professional tipsters accounts or hashtags on horse tipping or races. It is also great to be able to directly communicate with other like-minded punters and get their views on the best bets to make.


One of my favorite sources of horse tips is free blogs online. There are millions of sites competing against each other so that they attract the most visitors. They make their revenue from advertising so it is vital that they get a regular following by offering the best horse tips. The most popular blogs have experts in the field that write in-depth posts on their views on the events ahead.


There are many free horse racing newspapers that all have excellent sections for tips. The best have tips from a number of experts which you can use to your advantage. You do not need to buy a paper version anymore as all the top newspapers have an online version or app you can download.

RSS Feeds

It can be a time-consuming job checking all the different online sources of tips on a regular basis. The best way to save time is by subscribing to the sites RSS feed. You will then get instant emails or online alters so the information comes to you and not you having to find it yourself.

Facebook Groups

One of the most popular and fun ways is by joining Facebook horse racing tips groups. The best have millions of followers who you can directly communicate with. Another alternative is by using Google Plus groups but these are less popular. Reddit is another great source of groups and one of the most popular in the America.

Finding Horse Racing Tips Conclusion

Finding all the best sources online for horse tipping can be time-consuming to start off with. Once fully set up though the information you need will be instantly available to you. Before using any horse tips make sure you check the winning stats over the last six months so you can work out if it would be a profitable source to follow or not. Also look out for sources that also have promotions available from the best bookmakers. Using promo codes along with your original bet is the greatest way of increasing your chances of being successful.